Our Values

Fresh attitudes and firm values help make us what we are. Plenty of companies write mission statements but at Morrisons the words mean something.

We live our values and share the same direction, pulling together as ‘one team’ but respecting the differences that make people special as individuals.


Not just can do but will do! We believe in getting things done and in doing them well. The secret is to keep things simple and straight to the point. We thrive on challenges, get on with the job, make things happen and just love it when they deliver great results.

Great shopkeeping

Shopkeeping is what we do and we're proud of it. We're proud because we're great at it. And 'great' is the standard we set for every other part of the business. By paying attention to detail, taking pride in our work, guaranteeing the quality of our products, wasting nothing and watching costs, we save money and enable our customers to do so too.


One team

We're thousands of people but we're only 'one team'. By working well together, building trust and respect and sharing a common goal, we help each other out and all get better at what we do.

Bringing the best out of our people

Keeping our promises, keeping everyone in the picture, keeping on learning and looking for ways to improve, that's what brings out the best in everyone. We like to grow our own people, helping you to progress throughout your career with us. In short we do our best to bring out yours.

Great selling and service

Everyone here loves to sell and serve. Even those behind the scenes. Everyone you work with is a customer and deserves the best that you can do to help them and enjoy the experience. That not only makes us productive but it creates a great working environment.

Fresh thinking

We always welcome new ideas and look for better ways to do things. We listen to what you have to say, we take on board good suggestions and because we act on them we're constantly improving.