Senior Windows Game Developer

12 Oct 2018
17 Oct 2018
Contract Type
Full Time
It seems that every problem today requires technology to solve it, and most of those solutions require massive-scale computing - genome editing, curing cancer, autonomous vehicles, simulating reality. And the only ways to implement those solutions, up to now, have been costly, complex or both. This client is daring to rebuild the operating system from the ground up, to be distributed-first, robust to scaling, efficient, compact, and faster - it will work in real-time across hyper-scale deployments without layers of bloated software.

What You’ll Be Doing

*Building idiomatic integrations with game engines (Unreal and Unity to start with)

*Working with Product and the Engine Architect to iterate on the design of their Game Engine and its API, leveraging your expertise in the games industry

*Working with the team to ideate and implement effective and compelling demonstrations of the Engine for clients

*Building examples and demos to exercise new functionality in the engine

*Working on proof of concepts on top of the engine for our customers and partners

*There will be limited work on the rendering and deployment side of games and game engines

*Documenting your code, as well as contributing to other internal documentation, external documentation, and our company blog.

*Participating in the ideation phase of planning, providing your unique perspective on the prioritization, design, and implementation of engineering work.

What We’re Looking For

*Extensive experience with Unity, Unreal or equivalent game engine for desktop or console

*Have at least 3 years general experience

*Have at least 1 year experience diving deep into source code of a game engine to customise it to best serve your game

*Skilled at decomposing requirements to drill down to the core problem being solved

*Experience with a 3D Physics engine, preferably PhysX

*An understanding of the games industry, including how (and why) development can differ from other industries

Nice To Haves

*You’ve been on teams pushing the limits of number of players on a single server, or scaling by intelligently moving work to other servers

*You’ve worked on all aspects of games, from making sure controls are intuitive and the experience ‘feels right’ to diving deep into server-side anti-cheating code

*You’ve built plug-ins and tooling for game engines and know the standard and maintainable ways to perform integrations

*You have experience surfacing and visualising complex ideas and concepts to non-technical users

*You’ve integrated complex third-party libraries into projects to take advantage of their functionality in ways the creators probably didn’t anticipate

*Experience working with high-performance clouds for games

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