Front End Web Developer

South Bank
12 Oct 2018
11 Nov 2018
Contract Type
Full Time
h2. About Loot

Loot is on a mission to empower young people in the UK to know more about their spending, so they can do more with their money. Our goal is to become the leading millennial current account.

You'll be joining a highly driven and passionate team who are dedicated to delivering a product that makes a difference to our users' everyday lives.

h2. What We Value

*Collaboration* - When we work across teams, we’re unstoppable.

*Openness* - Informed people make better decisions and have a greater impact.

*Impact* - We use data, research and critical thinking to maximise impact.

*Curiosity* - We’re not afraid to ask anyone ‘why’ or to challenge the status quo.

*Compassion* - We do everything with a level of empathy and trust; we listen, we communicate openly and set clear expectations.

h2. About the role

As a Front End Web Developer at Loot you'll be helping us create the most incredible student banking app on the web. You'd be an integral part in the direction and purpose of everything we do. With your experience you'll influence the tools we use and the dependencies that our codebase has (or doesn’t have), whilst also helping to guide our roadmap and ingrain our values in our product.

The banking industry is known for having terrible UX. A lot of the problems you'll be solving will surround creating great user experiences that don't exist today. These problems are tough. Data on the scale of banking in such complexity of stats and figures is not often seen in other apps used by people who don't know a great deal about the data.

You'll be working to simplify the user experience and help the user get to the answers (not stats) that they want in as little amount of taps as possible. This will involve managing data from our API, transforming it and displaying it in intuitive, clear UI.

h2. Responsibilities

* Implement and maintain our web applications
* Contribute to designing and improving our service as a whole
* Maintain quality standards by performing code reviews and fixing bugs
* Become proficient with our codebase, API and workflow

h2. Must have

* You have up-to-date hands-on HTML and CSS skills
* You have an eye for delightful UI and UX
* Strong JavaScript skills and knowledge of React
* You should have over 2 years of experience in commercial projects
* You can strike a good balance between done and perfect.
* You're an agile learner (knowledge isn't always key)

h2. Nice to have (but not required)

* Experience with automation and continuous deployment
* Experience with React testing frameworks such as Jest or Enzyme
* Advanced knowledge of react like: server side rendering, state management libraries

*Important*: We want to be transparent with our candidates. "Here": you can see how Loot will process information about you.

*PLEASE NOTE*: Loot will only accept applications from candidates legally allowed to work in the UK. We will not be providing visa sponsorships for this role.

h2. Why Loot?

* Talented and leading; We like having a team of great people that can learn from and be inspired by each other
* Collaboration is key; there’s no such thing as pulling rank here
* A balance of focus and motivation with chill out and fun
* Fun and exciting FinTech Startup, supported by industry professionals
* Endless supply of coffee and EBT (English Breakfast Tea)
* Market-rate salaries
* Nice tech setup (Choice of new, top spec 5k 27" iMac or 15" rMBP, both with 27" monitor and comfy chair)

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