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Church Fenton
12 Oct 2018
17 Oct 2018
Contract Type
Full Time
Seeking social leaders

WTF is a Marketing Maven?
A marketing maven is a person with poise, influence, and position.

Quite simply: if you lead, they all follow.

You’re a marketing maven if you:
Always get likes, shares, and kudos for your social media posts
Decide on the movie and round up the group on the weekends
Have been arranging your annual festival tickets for your crew for longer than you remember
Start micro-trends in your social group (you drink, they drink; you wear, they wear; you listen, they listen; you like, they like)
We are looking for marketing mavens to lead our community.

Current Roles
StumbleUpon Stalker
Facebook Fanatic
Twitter Tweaker
Instagram Inspiration
Pinterest Prince/ss
Google+ God
Reddit Rocker
Forum Flexer
Medium Mover
All-around Social Media Sensation
Over 1000 friends, followers, likes, stumbles, upvotes, connections related to film, TV, pop culture or the like
3+ posts daily on your personal social network of choice
Over 50 interactions with each post you make
A proven track record of posting content related to media & garnering likes / RTs / follows
The Gig
We’re looking for full-time, part-time, freelance, and ambassadorial marketing mavens.

Perks for the (right) peeps
Free Amazon Video Membership
Free Movie Tickets
Dolla, dolla bills y’all
Free education through our online portal
Free streaming membership to our online portal
What y’all be doing
Getting our content in front of your crew
Liking, activating, and pimping our content
Hosting MeetUps / movie nights / issue launches
Influencing your online followers
Starting online conversations (good or bad) about our content

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