Smart, outgoing, nice person for growth operations in friendly VC-backed start-up

Koru Kids
London (Greater)
12 Oct 2018
17 Oct 2018
Contract Type
Full Time
About Koru Kids

Koru Kids is building the world’s best childcare service, starting in London. We’re making it easier and more affordable for families to access high quality childcare. We’re growing like crazy, are backed by fantastic investors, including top venture capitalists and business angels, and have won a bunch of awards.

About the team

We have an informal, hard-working and kind team culture. We’re all passionate about our mission and are determined to create a truly fantastic childcare service to help working parents. Our culture is friendly and fast paced – we are constantly challenging, testing and adapting the way we do things. We’re also really committed to working with integrity, doing the right thing and building a company we are truly proud of. We’re growing super fast but we also want to make sure that we are building a company on really solid foundations.

We take great care with who we hire and all team members are superbly talented and really nice. If you’re brilliant AND humble, you’ll fit right in.

About the role

Our first service, helping parents with after school childcare, matches the best students in London with local families. The students get a really fun job, that’s rewarding and looks great on their CVs. The families get an incredible student who makes family life much simpler.

The demand from families has been HUGE so we need help attracting tens of thousands of students. Your job will be to make this happen!

Don’t worry if you haven’t done marketing before, we’ll train you up! What you do need to be comfortable with is:
Coming up with ideas, testing them out quickly and when they work scaling them up
Getting out and about - a lecture shout out to 1000 students doesn’t phase you at all!
Being autonomous, you can make a plan, execute it and measure its success without much support
Great at analysis so you can tweak, iterate and optimise what you’re doing

Some of the areas you’ll be looking after will be:
On Campus activity - we want every student on every campus to know who we are
Referrals - getting our students to tell other students about the job
Online channels - managing our relationships with online student recruitment sites
BUT… we also need your ideas, so you’ll be testing them and scaling those too

You’ll get exposure to all other parts of the business including operations, finance and software too. It’s expected that you will wear multiple ‘hats’ at Koru Kids (the joys of a start-up), so you’ll get to dig deep into these other areas as well. Over time, you may find yourself specialising in one of these other parts - it’s up to you to choose your own adventure.

You’ll be a core member of our team, and you’ll get all the training, coaching and support you need to do your job well. We’ll invest in your development and help you succeed

Your normal hours of work will be 9am to 6.30pm, although there may be times when late nights are required to cope with particular ‘spikes’ in demand. We know you have a private life and other commitments and we work as a team to make sure everyone has a good balance. You’ll normally work from our offices in Old St, although if you like to occasionally work from home that’s totally fine too.

3 reasons this role is great

You will learn a TON. You’ll learn how to found a business – you’ll be crucial to our growth, how to test and scale new channels and how we build great technology. If you want to, you can get stuck into the London startup scene, with its evening meetups and events, which is incredibly dynamic and fun.

You’ll be making a huge difference to the everyday lives of parents in London and giving students the best job in London. We’re building a business that will profoundly benefit children, women, families and students.

We’re well-connected in the startup world, so working with us will open lots of doors for you even if you leave. We’ve got a strong track record of helping people we’ve worked with

About you

You’re more comfortable out and about talking to people then you are behind a desk
You’re obsessive about making stuff work so you don’t give up
You love getting into the data to help you learn, iterate and improve
You can work at a fast pace and under pressure
You’re autonomous – you can take something from idea, to execution to scale
You’re a problem-solver. As we are a young company, there aren’t many fixed marketing channels yet. That means you can create new ones, make suggestions, and tell us we’re doing things wrong
You roll with it. You understand that startups are unpredictable environments. You are comfortable with a degree of chaos
You’re nice. You get that no player is bigger than the team. You fit right into our culture of supporting and helping each other

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