Senior Devops Automation Engineer

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12 Oct 2018
17 Oct 2018
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Full Time
About Hadean

It seems that every problem today requires technology to solve it, and most of those solutions require massive-scale computing - genome editing, curing cancer, autonomous vehicles, simulating reality. And the only ways to implement those solutions, up to now, have been costly, complex or both. Super-computers, the cloud and edge computing all have their issues - they’re unreliable to operate and scale, difficult to build and manage, and too unpredictable and expensive to budget for and fund. Fundamentally these problems are down to a stack that was designed 30-40 years ago.

What We’re Looking For

*You’re obsessed with automating things.

*You can provide concrete examples of how your automation and/or tooling work has made you and your colleagues more productive.

*You understand the importance of building reusable, maintainable, stable processes and can cite examples in your personal experience where the lack of such properties has led to disastrous outcomes.

*When trying to automate processes, your first response is to reach for a well-known, well-tested, off-the-shelf solution.

*You’re comfortable writing complex tools and scripts (when there’s no alternative) in the most appropriate combination of languages for the job to enable people to work more effectively.

*High-level understanding of how operating systems work in general, and specific experience working on Unix-based operating systems.

*You have experience working with more than one automation tool (e.g. Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins).

*You’re familiar with the use of automation as a force multiplier, easily moving from 1 machine up to 10.

*You know the essentials of system administration, from SSH configuration to package management.

*You can confidently advocate for an automation-based approach to development and understand the implications of writing bespoke solutions.

*Can intelligently talk about the flaws and shortcomings of existing tools.

*You are energised by a dynamic, fast-paced and agile workplace.

What You’ll Be Doing

*Automating all the things.

*Become the Owner of Automation on the team and champion of an automation mindful approach in design discussions, code reviews and engineering culture in general.

*Use industry-standard tools to help us streamline our development process

*Build tooling for our OS and Engines, including making their deployment a breeze.

*Support the rest of the team in improving our workflow and testing story.

*Take ownership of the pipeline powering our dashboards.

*Critically analysing the TCO of bespoke solutions to avoid reinventing the wheel.

*Be sure that when something breaks the right people are notified. Better if you can ensure notifications are triggered before the smoke gets out.

*Documenting everything you create (e.g. your code, scripts tools, accounts with third parties), as well as contributing to other internal documentation, external documentation, and our company blog.

*Participating in the ideation phase of planning, providing your unique perspective on the prioritization, design, and implementation of engineering work.

*The usual agile things, you know the drill: scrum kanban scrumban, standups, retros, pull requests, gitflow, open-close jira tickets, etc.

Nice To Haves

*You have so much experience in a specific area (e.g., handling string encodings consistently) that you wrote a book/blog post about it and can refer us to it.

*Deep experience with one (or more) Unix-based Operating System (e.g., understanding of memory management, file systems, network stack).

*Experience setting up and running automated performance tests (bonus points for working with “industry standard” benchmarks like SPEC and TPC).

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