Big Data / Natural Language Processing Engineer

12 Oct 2018
17 Oct 2018
Contract Type
Part Time
Everta is a London-based startup which improves people’s lives by predicting the outcome of their personal decisions.

We are currently looking for a Big Data / Natural Language Processing Engineer to join our growing team.
We offer a great opportunity to become part of our founding team and to earn an equity percentage of the company as well as an excellent learning environment and rapid career progression.

What you will be doing:

* You will be responsible for implementing ML models in production type environment
* You will be responsible for scaling up algorithms in a big data environment
* You will be responsible for turning experimental ML pipelines into resilient production grade code
* You will be responsible for extracting re-usable code to generic libraries and ML workflows

Skills we need:

* Experience in Python + developing backend services & REST endpoints
* Knowledge of traditional machine learning methods in text processing: supervised and unsupervised learning for document classification, regression, ranking problems
* Knowledge of NLP problems: word2vec, topic models, Keyword extraction, and document similarity.
* Knowledge of the theory and practice of neural networks with deep learning and the different techniques in knowledge extraction and graph construction
* Comfortable with ML tools and packages like sklearn, pytorch, TensorFlow, MLlib (Spark), OpenNLP, NLTK, etc.
* Experience in different types of databases (Relational, NoSQL and Graph)

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