Software Web Developer- Mid & Senior Level Positions

Drake International UK Operations
10 Oct 2018
14 Oct 2018
Contract Type
Full Time
e are currently recruiting for Software Develops both mid & senior level, to join our clients rapidly expanding team based in Bodmin

Company Benefits
• 28 Days annual leave (inc. Bank Holidays) increasing to 33, pro-rata.
• Pension scheme,
• Health Care Plans,
• Salary sacrifice bicycle schemes
• Plus many more.

Main Purpose of Job/ Key Skills
• Contribute simultaneously to different projects. Is capable to work simultaneously in different projects with little impact due to context switching, using it to its advantage in order to utilise dead times and or blocks in projects.
• Efficient in time management and task prioritising. Can work towards set milestones and targets and pursues them. Regularly achieving targets and promptly identifying deviations acting accordingly to correct them.
• Assisting in the design of libraries and or applications. Can extent high level designs further in granularity of details satisfying specifications, likely passing them to more junior members of the team and supervising its development.
• Implement and extend code reflecting the requirements and following the design given. Proficient at one language and capable of writing quality code in different languages (No bugs). Using commercial/industrial proven experience and knowledge to write reliable, fault tolerant and efficient code.
• To write production quality robust code and understand interaction, races and emergence. (No bugs) Visualising code as part of a larger system, not in isolation, and considers and controls complex non-linear effects from the code in the solution.
• Comfortable with parallelisation and asynchronous flow. (No bugs)
Designing parallel code, asynchronous flows and synchronisation.
• Aware of and controls memory and resources use when writing code, thinking in the solution as a whole. Visualises code in interaction with hardware and network limitations, not in isolation, considering and controlling the use of resources with the objective to optimise the execution in the production environment.
• Identifying and solving logical problems and defining/mapping business logic to algorithms and functions robustly.
Using developed an analytical thinking processes to understand quickly business processes and mapping them to logical or procedural workflows. Designing algorithms and functions that reflect such workflows. Identifying potential problems in existing code.
• Coaching junior staff and transferring knowledge.
Supervising and coaching more junior team members, assisting more senior team members in progress reviews and evaluations. Identify knowledge gaps in more junior developers and actively trying to fill them and or indirectly motivating the peer to work on them. Overseeing their progress and motivating them to continue growing. Identify performance problems in more junior developer and helping the peer to overcome them.
• Understanding data structures and designing them for general uses. Mastering serialisation of data for perpetuation and transport.
Using sound understanding of data structures to design them robustly to satisfy general requirements.
• Understanding and employing Unit testing when necessary. Comfortable writing unit tests in code.
• Understanding compilers and linkers, solving/debuging building problems easily (eg. Dependencies, recursive dependency, etc).
• Design efficient document structures for new solutions written in different languages.

Knowledge & Skills
The post holder should have relevant qualifications in computer science.
As a snapshot, the organization is currently interested in the following technologies
• Object Oriented (class and prototype based), Event-Driven, Imperative, Procedural & Declarative programming paradigms
• C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Python, PHP, CSS, HTML, XML, Json
• Dependency injection.
• Have a good understanding of unit testing.
• Data structure design, modelling and representation. Information metrics, graphs and trees and algorithms. Data perpetuation and transport.
• Windows, Linux and Unix OS. Windows desktop UI programming
• Be familiar with Jira, Confluence, Mantis, Git, CVS
• Be familiar with MVC programming for desktop and web.
• Frameworks: .NET, Mono, QT, Laravel, AngularJS, Sencha, Ext JS
• Asynchronous processing and parallelisation.
• Revision control and issue tracking.
• Waterfall, agile and lean development.

Good verbal and written communications skills are necessary. Having previous experience of dealing with clinical safety would be highly advantageous.

Problem Solving
Problems addressed involve the interpretation of cases and evaluation of requirements, requiring constant interaction with colleagues across Departments. There is a requirement to devise solutions involving some originality, drawing both on procedures and acquired knowledge and skills, mostly in response to demands of others.

Judgement & Decision
Accountable for ensuring that developed software meets design criteria, in line with performance indicators, quality standards, statutory regulations, and to agreed timescales.

Internal contact is a key feature of the job involving the post holder in liaison and consultation with other personnel and managers across the Company.
Most software development within the company follows a ‘Lean and Agile’ methodology, which places particular emphasis on good communication within a close team.
Externally, the post holder will have regular contact with General Practitioners, Clinicians, Health Authorities and associated personnel at all levels.

Custodial Responsibility
Responsible for any computer systems/equipment used or evaluated and for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of patient information that may be encountered.

Working Environment
Office based with occasional site visits to client premises. Required to work to strict, internal or externally imposed deadlines.

Other Duties
Employees may be required to undertake tasks that the management considers are within their capabilities, even though the task may be outside their normal duties

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