Qlearsite Ltd
London (Greater)
£40,000 to £70,000, depending on experience
20 Apr 2018
20 May 2018
Job Level
Entry Level
Contract Type
Full Time

Who we are

At Qlearsite, we build software that helps businesses make scientific decisions about how they engage with their most important asset: their people. For example, we have worked with organisations to understand the financial cost of stress-related sickness, and to identify employees at higher risk of attrition. We believe that transparent, data-driven HR decision making is better for an organisation’s employees and its bottom line.

We’re a diverse team, composed of experienced consultants, machine learning researchers, and technologists. Working well together is extremely important to us, which is why Friday afternoons are dedicated to socialising and VR gaming, with beer and wine on tap.

The role We are looking to expand our engineering team in London with a skilled developer who is interested in working on backend web services to deliver state-of-the-art tools for data transformation and machine-learning powered analytics.

Your primary responsibility will be extending the backend of the “data-wrangler”, our centralised data repository and transformation engine, which acts as the data interface between all our machine-learning and analytics tools. The data- wrangler is written in Scala (2.12) and designed to be a high-performance columnar data-store, with an embedded scripting language (Qlearscript) for expressing high-level data transformations.

Your secondary responsibility will be to build production versions of the machine learning tools that our research team produces. This includes our regression analysis tool, which uses a proprietary AutoML algorithm for finding patterns within data. You could also be improving our Natural Language Processing toolkit, which we use to analyse themes and sentiment within free-text employee survey responses. These tools are currently written in Python but may be rewritten in Scala in the future.


  • 2+ years of Java 8 experience. Scala experience is preferred as you’ll be working in Scala, but this role would also be suited to a Java 8 developer who enjoys using lambdas/streams and would like to learn Scala to take their functional programming to the next level. Clojure experience is also great.
  • 2+ years of Linux experience. You should know your way around a command line, and our tech stack is entirely Linux.
  • A strong interest in programming languages. You will be extending an embedded data-transformation scripting language, and in general we believe that many ML and data problems require a language-based solution, as first-order APIs are not powerful enough.
  • Laziness. Having to do something more than once should annoy you, and you should feel a compulsion to automate everything you can. We’ve automated a large amount of our DevOps workflow, but we’d love to automate it all.
  • Love of automated tests. Doing a major rewrite of a section of code but feeling completely safe because all the unit tests and integration tests pass should give you great satisfaction.
  • An interest in functional programming. Maybe you’re already a superstar functional developer, but if not, come join our team and, within a year, you will be.

Come join our team and work at the cutting edge of data-driven analytics, developing software which has already helped improve the working lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and could improve the lives of millions.


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