Executive Manager

Home based position
To be discussed with applicant. Commission in addition.
04 Jan 2018
25 Jan 2018
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The Association is looking to employ the services of an experienced executive manager. The ideal candidate will possess digital marketing skills, in addition to superior verbal and written communication skills and be experienced in business planning.

Applicants for this full-time role should have a proven track record in the NGO sector, and demonstrate a passion for human health and the ability to build a team and utilise volunteers to expose a large scale public health cover-up in 2018.

Due to the hidden severity of the condition, the applicant must not have been previously affected by Aerotoxic Syndrome.

Payment package will not be a barrier for the right applicant, and will contain a performance related element.

This is a wordwide and highly prominent issue which you will have a unique opportunity of influencing for the benefit of many people.

Apply in the first instance by letter of interest and CV to:

Capt. John Hoyte, Chairman and Founder, Aerotoxic Association and former BAe 146 Training Captain. office@aerotoxic.org / www.aerotoxic.org

Applications close on January 25, 2018.

Background Information 

Aerotoxic Syndrome was defined in 1999 to describe human ill health experienced after exposure to toxic oil fumes. These toxic oil fumes (which include deadly organophosphate chemicals) come from a known fundamental design flaw of using “bleed air” for air conditioning in the confined spaces of most jet airliners.

Captain John Hoyte, who suffers from Aerotoxic Syndrome, was first introduced to the term in 2006 after a full investigation in which he was tested extensively by University College London specialists along with 26 other British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) pilots.

The results showed that 100pc of the group had been affected by toxic cabin air exposures.

In June 2007, Capt. Hoyte founded the Aerotoxic Association at the Houses of Parliament.

At the time, there was very little support or advice available for people suffering from these effects, so Capt Hoyte set up the Association and, over the last 10 years, has helped some 2,500-other international aircrew and passengers, investing his own time and money for free.

Since 2007, a growing global community of aircrew, doctors, scientists, lawyers and other knowledgeable professionals has become invaluable in the efforts to expose the risks to the international community which can occur on a single ‘fume event’ flight.

Additionally, in 2014 Capt. Hoyte with fellow Norfolk flying colleague Capt. Peter Lawton launched Pilot Press - an innovative aviation publishing house. Thus far, Pilot Press has published “Aerotoxic Syndrome – Aviation’s Darkest Secret”, “Whispering Bolter” and last year “A Tale of Two Ag Pilots”.

In 2014, Capt. Hoyte set up Sim-Fly Norfolk, designed to allow experienced pilots to share flying with the public on innovative simulator flying systems and which allow Aerotoxic pilots to continue doing what they love, in complete safety.

In 2015, Capt. Hoyte showed a German documentary “Unfiltered Breathed In – The Truth about Aerotoxic Syndrome” and “A Dark Reflection”, an aircrew-led community-made fictional film about cabin air quality. These films were premiered to audiences in Norwich on the big screen as part of a wider campaign to alert the public to the Aerotoxic Syndrome cover-up.

The Aerotoxic Association - with the help of former MP Dr Ian Gibson - has made excellent progress in its crusade to persuade the airlines to clean up their act with EasyJet having recently taken the historic decision to fit bleed-air filters and poison detectors to all their aircraft during 2018.

 2017 was a breakthrough year for the Association, with the World Health Organisation (WHO) publishing an academic paper linking Aerotoxic Syndrome with a “new occupational disease?”. The report was ground-breaking for the Aerotoxic community.

The Association now plans a transition to becoming a profit organisation by generating income through medical and legal referrals and offering support to international members with specialised advice and support as well as from sales of protective face masks in accordance with a publicly funded business plan.

If you feel you have the “right stuff”, experience and superior digital marketing skills both to manage and monetise the Association and other projects, while developing a professional team and volunteers in 2018.