SDN Trustee and Board Member

Hackney, London (Greater)
£0.00 - Voluntary
21 Nov 2017
18 Dec 2017
Contract Type
Part Time

About the organisation

Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN) was established as a non-governmental not-for-profit organisation in 2004 with the mission to support the efforts of those affected by extractive industries and weak governance through rights-based community empowerment. We strive to protect human rights and demand responsive governance. Our vision is one of a new global economic and social contract, which corrects the asymmetry of power in negotiating social contracts between stakeholders in the global economy. Our vision is one that ensures basic rights – including economic and social development – are not sacrificed in one part of the world to the benefit of another. Our mission is to support the efforts of those affected by extractive industries and weak governance through rights-based community empowerment. We strive to protect human rights and demand responsive governance.

About the role

To provide oversight and direction to the SDN Management Team through the review of strategic, operational and financial plans for the organisation. To ensure that a proper control and compliance environment exists through setting and monitoring appropriate governance mechanisms.

Becoming an SDN Board Member will involve directly interacting with the SDN Management Team to shape the direction and future of the organisation. Therefore this will give you the opportunity to develop and hone your leadership, change management and governance skills whilst helping SDN correct the negative link between the extractives industry and weak governance.

All SDN Board Members will be made Directors/Trustees of all SDN Group entities and take legal responsibility for them, therefore they will also be required to periodically make disclosures to comply with our regulatory bodies requirements, notably UK Companies House, the Charity Commission for England and Wales, and the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission.

The SDN Board will convene two times per year, at which you will be expected to participate by providing input to the agenda, reviewing materials beforehand and actively participating in discussion and decision making.

Additionally you may also be requested to join an SDN Committee which will involve reviewing materials and giving feedback to content specific to that Committee, approximately once every three months. SDN Board Members are elected from amongst the SDN Membership, serving for a term of two years which is renewable once.

Person description

The role of an SDN Board Member is varied and will have to adapt depending on situations that arise, however the below attributes are essential to being a successful SDN Board Member:

  • Understanding and accepting the legal duties and responsibilities of becoming a Director/Trustee
  • The ability to comply with the requirements for being an SDN Director/Trustee with our regulatory bodies
  • Commitment to SDN’s aims and objectives with a willingness to devote time to carry out responsibilities
  • Strategic and forward looking vision in relation to SDN’s aims and objectives
  • Independent judgement, impartiality and the ability to think carefully in the context of the organisation and its evolving external environment
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to respect the confidences of colleagues
  • Balancing tact and diplomacy with the willingness to challenge and constructively criticise
  • Prior experience of implementing change through participating at Board or Committee meetings

What impact will the opportunity have?

The role will provide oversight and direction to the SDN Management Team through the review of strategic, operational and financial plans for the organisation. It will help make sure that SDN stays focused on its Mission and Vision and set the strategic direction for the organisation to grow and be successful.

What’s in it for the volunteer?

The main benefits of becoming an SDN Trustee are:

  • Support and guide the growth and strategy of SDN as a leading Civil Society Organisation in the Niger Delta
  • Provide oversight and professional expertise to the operations of an international development organisation
  • Opportunities to support the varied charitable activities and campaigns of SDN in the Niger Delta
  • Participation in Civil Society
  • Receive regular updates on SDN’s work and how we are addressing the link between the extractives industry and weak governance

Time commitment

SDN Board Meetings will take place twice per year and be one day each. Additional time is required to review materials and advise the SDN Management.

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