Finance Officer

Chichester, UK
20 Oct 2019
01 Nov 2019
Contract Type
Full Time
We are recruiting for a Principle Finance Manager to provide reliable, efficient and effective flexible support to a team (or across teams) of a high level administrative nature relating to the delivery of a specialist financial service. Including responding to typical client queries, giving standard information and guidance relating to the service, maintaining records and producing standard correspondence providing support and day to day processing according to set procedures.

You'll be responsible for advising and influencing clients to ensure informed financial decisions and sound financial arrangements with a high direct impact on financial management and service delivery. Including setting budgets and managing overall accounting arrangements, providing guidance as the key representative for the service area or activity.
Provides authoritative accurate and reliable information to clients for the large complex service area managed. Including ad hoc reports and regular budget reports (usually monthly) to monitor spending and identify discrepancies.

Communicate complex technical/specialist information effectively to ensure clients understand the practical implications within the wider organisational context of their service area.

Contribute to financial planning looking at the annual budget cycle within a longer term strategy. Identify structural or other problems with budgets and advises clients on strategies to organise resources differently, including issuing virements for the reallocation of financial resources in order to help clients to resolve complex financial issues to meet their broad service requirements.

Implements existing and new financial arrangements relating to the service area or activity managed, including those which arise from national legislation. Including interpreting and analysing new legislation to alter/create policies and guidance to ensure compliance.

Line manage staff in a team or manage a function across teams requiring engagement across teams. Sets and monitors objectives with an understanding of skills; evaluating and co-ordinating the work. Co-ordinates employees to work together effectively to achieve service objectives.

Work with HR to arrange staff recruitment for the team/ area managed.

Provide authoritative guidance to clients with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of their business and the conflicting requirements within their service area. Acts as the key contact to advise and influence clients to make appropriate and informed financial decisions with a high direct impact on the shape of services and how they operate. Including using a strong persuasive influence to ensure clients take proper account of financial considerations to make sometimes difficult decisions affecting service delivery.

Provide financial advice and performance support to major projects and participate in project teams. Including working with clients to prepare business cases for projects in order to achieve cost effective solutions and/or gain government support.

Develop and maintain effective professional relationships with influential clients and other relevant partners in connection with the specialist business area.

You will have major direct responsibility for financial resources in relation to a whole service area on behalf of clients. Either in relation to a whole service unit or a financial activity with a significant broad impact across units. Responsible for ensuring effective spend and budget setting for the relevant unit/activity. Directly influences expenditure and policy through authoritative financial guidance and information provided to clients. Including long term financial planning affecting the nature, level and composition of expenditure to meet service requirements of the client.

Is bound to give account for extremely large expenditures, contributing to the setting and monitoring of multi-million pound budget(s)

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