Senior mechanical design engineer

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Oxford, UK
19 Oct 2019
22 Oct 2019
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Full Time
Senior mechanical design engineer

Is climate change real?

First off, if you answered anything but "Yes" then this job advert is not for you.

Climate change is real, it's manmade and it's humankind's duty to do everything we can to battle it. You want to see the UK become Net Zero* in your lifetime. If you accept this premise, then the question becomes "What can you do to help?"

You almost certainly can't impact the policies of governments around the world, or even in this country, very few of us can - but as a mechanical building services engineer you're in a better place to impact climate change than 99% of the world's population.

Does your current company design to the bare minimum legal sustainability/energy requirements? Understandable - if we're honest, all of us are not doing enough. I bet they have buzzwords like "sustainability" and "Green Engineering" plastered all over their website though...

Actions speak louder than words - and this is a company who have designed over 100 Net Zero* developments and counting. With a stated aim to help make the UK zero carbon over the coming decades, they are doing a lot more than most to combat climate change.
  • Enforcing internal standards of energy efficiency which are far beyond the UK standards
  • Developing technologies which enhance and improve sustainability and green buildings worldwide
  • Visibility - pushing the green agenda out there in the industry and wider world, at conferences, through research, articles and publications etc.

*For more information on Net Zero:

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