Event Operations Manager

OX Seven
Banbury, UK
04 Oct 2019
28 Oct 2019
Contract Type
Full Time
Put the pedal to the metal.

That'll describe your work ethic pretty well.

You'll be used to going at top speeds and putting in maximum effort. Events can seem washy from the outside to people who have never been in the business, but you'll know how intense it is. This is no exception. These guys are full on and you'll be ready to give your all.

Partnering with some of the biggest names in the automotive industry comes with a lot of expectation.

You think of Rolls Royce and what do you see? Luxury and meticulous detail like most couldn't imagine. Just like that, these events need to run like a Phantom. Smooth with an unmatched sense of occasion and sophistication.

You'll know how to manage those, and more so, you'll be even better at exceeding them.

Sometimes people want fast and exciting, sometimes people want pulled back and peaceful. Whatever the brief, you know where to begin and how to arrange the experience from start to finish.

The automotive world is one you're going to be fully involved in. To be able to come in and handle the workload from the off, you'll know all about safety with cars and speed. Maybe a military, motorsport, police or an instructing background with events knowledge and experience. However you gained this knowledge, it is a must have.

Handling that workload doesn't need to be all on you, though. Delegating and not putting too much pressure on yourself is massive. The last thing they want is burn out and with a job like this, it could be quite easy to take on too much for one person. You'll manage a team in the office and the freelance talent pool, so you have people around you to help and take the edge off.

Managing people obviously means talking. In events you'll be talking to all sorts of people. From freelancers to clients, launching to the press or arranging and designing driving routes, interaction is key, and detail is everything.

You'll be on around £50,000 - £70,000 depending on your knowledge and experience.

Let's have a chat about this one. You can call (my number is on the OX Seven website), add me on LinkedIn - Will Grashoff, or you can send over a CV to if you have one to hand. We understand not everyone does, so we can talk either way.

Every applicant will receive a response.

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