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Gaunts Estate
05 Apr 2019
26 Apr 2019
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Gaunts House is huge – some 98 bedrooms and reception rooms on campus. It is a part of Gaunts Estate, which is a comparatively small estate north of Wimborne. A potted history of the Glyn family and Gaunts can be found in the black & white corridor.

The ‘new work’, being education of a real nature, was planned for a year or so before beginning in earnest in September 1982 at High Lea School, founded for the purpose. The work at Gaunts, envisaged for adults and young adults, particularly parents and teachers, began here 28 years ago in January 1988. The Richard Glyn Foundation was registered as an educational charity in 1995, (late, because the charity commissioners lost all our papers in their move in the 1980s).

The argument runs that education, like so many things practised in the West, has taken seriously wrong turns ostensibly toward industrial-technology streaming – academic, ‘scientific’, job-oriented, politically-driven – and away from ‘life’, creativity, the awakening of ‘self’, and the real and vital parts of our spirituality, causing endless confusion, depression and distress in hopelessly over-populated, concrete and tarmac jungles, and increasingly degraded environments.


The Gaunts Coordinator’s role is not unlike that of the driver/conductor of a charabanc! S/he needs to know that everything is in place for a safe and fulfilling journey, and then to conduct that journey. At Gaunts, that translates as

* ‘holding the reins’ of the departmental heads and coordinating them into healthy and positive cooperation;

* ensuring that all guests and visitors are provided for well;

* ensuring that the good ship RGF-Gaunts sails onwards safely, meaning that we attract enough external bookings (and participants on our own courses, such as they are) to provide the funds for our collective well-being;

* taking important decisions with the Trustees and College Council;

* Good Communication.


* Familiarising yourself with the Foundation; assessing informally what is to be done; and prioritising the work in conjunction with our long-term Foundation administration team.

* Managing the Foundation in conjunction with the College Council (CC).

* Planning Foundation courses and training; coordinating them with other courses, events and personnel; and leading them if appropriate

* Supporting and being involved with the New Youth Initiative at RGF-Gaunts in whatever forms it may take

* Working and training with the RGF-Gaunts & Estate staff

* Organising and facilitating eco-sustainability and other training of staff and visitors

* Planning and preparing for visitors coming to view Gaunts Estate as an eco-sustainable and progressive thinking and doing environment for the future

* Management of the Foundation's finances with Rufus and the estate office.


The Trustees meet monthly at the beginning of each month.

The College Council (CC) meets informally whenever it is deemed necessary.

On the Ground Floor are found three offices: RG’s office, used for round-the-table meetings and Rufus’ financial calculations; the Welcome Room, which in many ways is the hub of the house; and the College Office where the Coordinator and Daphne have their beings. Daphne, (like RG), is no longer in the first flush of youth, works part-time, and is moving towards flower arranging and internal decoration.

This year, for the main season March to October inclusive, we expect to house 18 to 20 odd Volunteers and Wwoofers, of whom probably six will become long-term ‘players’ on stipends, long term volunteers can become the ‘House Fellows’, who look after the Welcome Room, Guests and the Ground Floor on all-day rotas.

A suite of offices in the Stable Block is newly occupied by estate managers and book-keepers.

A ‘Staff Room’ next to the Old Servants Hall in the main house is permanently available for Staff, and W&Vs.

A free lunch is provided for everyone every day.


We have a new, up-to-date telephone system.

We have very high-speed broadband. (Fibre to the Premises).

Mobile ‘phones are allowed in the administration areas, but otherwise frowned upon in the main house.

RGF-Gaunts is generally a happy and creative place full of laughter and good things. We aim to keep it that way

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