Full Stack Python Developer

MyPeople Group
Covent Garden
22 Mar 2019
14 Apr 2019
Contract Type
Full Time

Senior Developer - Python / Machine Learning / Data Development

We are looking for a versatile and motivated senior software engineer, specialising in Machine Learning services. This is an exciting opportunity to help design and deliver the next generation Machine Learning based products for MyPeople. You will work closely with other software engineers, business stakeholders, and external data scientists to help unlock the full potential of our data.
You will be responsible for all stages of the data development process, including the design and implementation of data acquisition processes and pipelines, data cleaning and validation, modelling and training of algorithmic models, and data visualisation.
The ideal candidate will be passionate about artificial intelligence and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

The Company
The MyPeople team is formed of the analysts, data scientists and psychologists that supported GB cycling, GB Rowing, Team Sky, Leicester FC, the English and Irish Lions and England Rugby to achieve success.
This has resulted in: Over 30 World Championship titles, Over 20 Olympic Gold medals, 1 Rugby Six Nations Grand Slam, 3 Six Nations tournaments wins, 2 Undefeated Lions tours, 1 Premier League football title and 2 Tour de France Wins.

Their work also contributed to the foundation of the ‘marginal gains’ approach. They work together now to build a marginal gains analytics system for business.

The Aim
• To be the No1 People Analytics platform choice for SME (200-750 employees) and Mid-enterprise business (750-3000 employees) in the UK and Europe.

• To redefine the measurement and understanding of culture and performance in a business context, and to use software to generate useful and actionable business insight for all levels of an organisation.

• To provide executives with the insight they need to make evidence-based strategic decisions on recruitment, succession planning, team dynamics, training and development, and risk management.

• To join up data from internal and external sources in an easy to understand way for non-technical business users, that enables them to make better decisions for their people and their organisation.
The product

MyPeople is a unique People Analytics platform that focuses on an organisation’s culture and performance, and we use a range of mechanisms to generate different measures of a company’s aptitudes in these areas. Individually these mechanisms provide a useful barometer of the company health, but together they form a powerful diagnostic tool that can guide an organisation to a healthier culture and better business performance.
The MyPeople platform is a cloud-based survey and analytics platform built using .NET and hosted on Microsoft Azure. The platform allows users to generate, measure and report on people culture and performance. The MyPeople platform has some reporting and analytical tools and now requires the addition of machine learning technology to extract the maximum insight from the data generated.

It is envisaged that the MyPeople platform will become integral to business decision making and the primary source of ‘people knowledge’ for mid to large scale businesses.
In addition, the MyPeople platform will seek to integrate with / receive data from:
• Enterprise software such as HR/Finance/Payroll systems
• External abstract data platforms (such as social media, meteorological software, opens source data sets)

The Role
This role is to join the MyPeople team to bring a machine learning/predictive modelling approach to the MyPeople platform to improve insight for non-data orientated users. You will drive innovation through the use of new and established technologies to give our users genuine insight leading to real decision making. You will be highly motivated, and capable of working both independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced agile environment.

• Understanding business objectives and developing appropriate architectures, processes and models that help to achieve them
• Gathering and analysing large scale data sets from multiple sources, including cleaning, validating and visualising the data
• Creating data pipelines to ingest data from multiple sources, perform ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) operations and send to multiple sinks
• Designing and implementing ML algorithms that could be used to solve a given problem accounting for real-world variables. Training models and tuning their hyper parameters
• Developing back-end components to improve responsiveness and overall performance
• Implementing and maintaining appropriate analytics tools for the performant processing of complex data
• Integrating user-facing elements into applications
• Managing available resources such as hardware, software, data, and personnel so that deadlines are met
• Contributing to the development and adherence to best practice approaches and methodologies to optimise the development lifecycle
• Finding and exploring available datasets that could be used for additional insight
• Identifying and analysing modelling errors and designing strategies to overcome them
• Deploying models and software to production
• Challenging the status quo and striving to get better with every iteration, while being a conscientious and friendly team member

• Proficiency with deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow or Keras
• Proficiency with Python and basic libraries for machine learning such as scikit-learn and pandas
• Proficiency with C# and .NET core
• Expertise in visualizing and manipulating big datasets
• Proficiency with D3 libraries and relevant charting tools
• Familiarity with cloud-based analytics engines such as Azure Databricks
• Experience with the Microsoft Azure stack is an advantage but not mandatory
• Familiarity with agile development methodologies is an advantage but not mandatory
• Experience in People Analytics and/or HR software is an advantage but not mandatory

Flexible. MyPeople have offices in Guildford and Covent Garden, London. Can also be home office based for 4 days a week if preferred.

On request. Generous Salary plus pension. Share Options available for the right candidate.

For more information, please contact: c.hughes@mypeoplegroup.com

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