Nursery Manager

Sapphires Nursery School
20 Mar 2019
02 Apr 2019
Contract Type
Full Time

Scope of position

• To ensure that all children attending Sapphires are kept safe and receive rich and stimulating learning experiences appropriate for their age and stage of development.

• To create a warm, nurturing and welcoming environment

• To recruit in conjunction with the Nursery Director

• To support, train and appraise all staff in to ensure high quality childcare practice

• To manage the day-to-day running of the nursery effectively and control the budget set by the Nursery Director

• To ensure all legislation in relation to regulatory bodies, inclusion, safeguarding and health and safety, is complied with and that Sapphires policies and procedures are adhered to, implemented and updated Key responsibilities:


• Monitor the planning and implementation of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

• Assess the quality of teaching from each member of staff, identifying areas for development

• Analyse children’s progress and monitor the data continuously

• Interact with Sapphires children as a visible and committed representation of the ethos of the school

• Review and monitor occupancy levels to ensure maximum capacity

• Establish, develop and maintain professional relationships with external agencies as appropriate. Meet the requirements of Ofsted and lead Ofsted Inspections in conjunction with the Nursery Director

• Ensure that required standards, ratios and conditions of registration are always maintained

• Maintain accurate and up to date records for all of the children on roll including attendance registers, emergency contact information and relevant medical information

• Maintain accurate and up to date records for all members of staff including any training, declarations of suitability and disciplinary records

• Action and monitor all child protection issues, parent issues, complaints and accidents to ensure that appropriate remedial action is taken immediately

• Liaise with the Nursery Director as appropriate

• Facilitate inspections by regulatory bodies and implement any actions and recommendations

• Review and update policies, procedures and risk assessments

• Ensure care, maintenance, cleanliness, daily tidiness and security of toys and equipment at Sapphires and purchase new resources in a timely and cost-efficient manner

• Liaise with outside agencies and professionals in the best interests of all children

• Liaise and build relations with potential primary and prep schools that Sapphires children will be moving on to and become familiar with their entrance procedures as required by the Nursery Director

• Take responsibility for outings and events

• Ensure the provision of well-written and accurate reports with the approval of the Nursery Director

• Maintain timely correspondence with parents in a professional manner

• Provide regular newsletters

• Liaise with specialized staff ensuring quality of provision

Human Resources

• Take responsibility for all staff, ensuring they are trained, inducted, motivated, appraised and developed in a positive and effective manner

• Ensure staff regularly teach and refer to our values through our motto for Sapphires children ‘Shine Brightly’ (see Sapphires Motto attached)

• Ensure that all recruitment processes comply with the Early Years Foundation Stage and OFSTED requirements and carry out all appropriate checks for new employees.

• Ensure that the appropriate levels of qualified staff and apprentices are maintained within Sapphires and keep a current record of supply staff

• Organise regular minuted staff meetings and identify staff training needs

• Deliver training and keep abreast of legislative updates when required

• In consultation with the Nursery Director, deal with grievance or disciplinary matters in accordance with the nursery’s policies and procedures.

• Manage staff annual leave requests to ensure the setting is always adequately staffed

• Ensure all staff rotas are accurate, including reporting of absence through sickness and holidays

• To maintain confidentiality always


• Monitor the budget and expenditure in the setting and ensure that agreed budgets are not exceeded

• Ensure cost efficiency and careful budget management

• Manage invoices and payments in a timely manner

Health and Safety

• Undertake a shared responsibility for the health and safety of children, staff, parents and visitors

• Ensure security systems and procedures are always fully operational and implemented correctly

• Update and maintain risk assessments for the setting, premises and all outings

• Maintain accident records in accordance with nursery policy

• Ensure all relevant reports are submitted to Environmental Health, OFSTED, RIDDOR and the local safeguarding officer in a timely manner

• Operate the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene within the setting.

• Establish appropriate emergency procedures

• Supervise the administration of all medication

• Take overall responsibility for administering first aid within the setting.

Customer Service

• Arrange and oversee regular parents’ evenings

• Ensure regular communication with parents through newsletters, information evenings, open days and open evenings

• Actively promote the setting and be involved in the seeking and retention of families

• Confirm bookings through verbal and written communication to new parents

• At all times respect the confidentiality of sensitive family information (subject to child protection policy and procedures)


• Take responsibility for all administrative duties associated with the management of the setting

• Adhere to all company policies and procedures.

• Undertake any other duties as reasonably requested by the Nursery Director

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