Senior solicitors with partial or full business case - nationwide opportunities

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19 Feb 2019
14 Apr 2019
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We act on behalf of a number of alternative law firm platforms who have expanded significantly in the last few years and who offer an alternative to conventional law firm partnerships. The model is designed to offer senior lawyers an integrated platform where they keep the majority of fees generated by their own clients.

The firms have successfully integrated numerous senior associates and partners from small to large international law firms across most main practice areas including corporate/M&A, banking & finance, dispute resolution, real estate, private equity, IT/technology and outsourcing, employment law, investment funds and shipping and international trade.  

The collective client base of these firms tends to include a broad representation ranging from Footsie 100 companies, smaller to mid-sized corporates both listed and private, financial institutions, private equity/VC firms and high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs.   Internal support typically includes accessibility to paralegals, trainee solicitors and in some cases, a range of associates typically trained and experience in large international law firms and also boutique and regional firms.  

The firms will typically offer full administrative and operational support including secretarial, administration, business development, and marketing. Cross-selling is encouraged and increasingly occurring as partners use the skills of their colleagues on larger transactions and fee splits are accordingly put in place.

The firms have the resources to mirror those that would be available in larger conventional firms, but they are designed to offer significantly better financial rewards than you would typically enjoy in a conventional partnership as you will retain the bulk of your revenues.

The usual fee income split that applies to conventional firms of one-third to you and two-thirds to them is reversed with you taking between 70% and up to 90% of the revenues that you generate.  Increasingly these firms are also generating work themselves for their lawyers as they become increasingly used by corporate in-house legal departments who recognize the advantage of having more flexibility and innovative billing rates and methodologies which are set by the lawyers themselves.

They will all offer full PI cover and you are usually at liberty to use your own secretarial or admin support if you wish.  

Some of the firms are now starting to expand their offering internationally and they already have partners on board who operate from their own foreign jurisdictions with full intranet access to their state of the art case management and on-line billing systems.  

The opportunities offered by these firms would suit partners or senior associates who have already built their own partial or full client base and are seeking to benefit more financially from their efforts whilst having the independence to run your practice in a way that best suits you.

Lawyers with practices in areas such as corporate, finance, real estate, dispute resolution/international arbitration, IP/IT, projects and other specialist areas of law are sought. You will earn at least 70% of your generated fee income rising to up to 90% depending on the level of billings and which platform you join.
All of the firms have different cultures, expectations, and strategies and here at Court1 Capital, we can guide you through the various options that might be available including detailed presentations that show the services that they offer and the culture they have adopted. Initial low key exploratory discussions can be arranged with the founders of each of the firms we act on behalf of.

For many lawyers, these platforms offer an outstanding opportunity to monetize your practice for your own benefit in an entrepreneurial environment from a sustainable business model that is adapted to the changes rapidly impacting the legal profession.

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