Lecturer - Vocational and Pastoral

Buckinghamshire College Group
17 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019
Contract Type
Full Time


To teach at all levels, appropriate to qualifications and experience, within the relevant Team, elsewhere within the College and off-site as required, supporting students to progress to full-time education and/or employment.

This role will be responsible for delivering Employability, Vocational and Functional Skills to groups of 16 – 24-year-olds to provide these hard to reach students with a supportive and effective bridge towards participation in College, Traineeships, Apprenticeships or Employment.


  1. Teaching
    1. Provide high-quality teaching in the subject areas required, given the resources available and within the agreed and approved current timetable, with due recognition of the relevant syllabus and course specifications, including the necessary preparation of teaching notes, handouts and visual aids where required.
    2. Satisfy the administrative requirements of the College and examining/validating bodies.
    3. Ensure that all marking, assessments and moderations are completed timely and tracked appropriately.
    4. Liaise with other staff as appropriate to ensure that work is fully and effectively covered.
    5. Actively encourage and promote the process of student learning with a particular focus on motivation.
    6. Direct technician assistance/team support in the teaching situation where appropriate and as required.
    7. Teach up to required levels on identified courses.
  2. Administration
    1. Ensure records of student achievements are maintained as required by the Sector and relevant external bodies.
    2. Keep accurate and up to date registers of classes taught of learner attendances, lateness and marks.
    3. Advise the Curriculum Manager on material and equipment needs, from the revenue budget, for existing and proposed courses and produce requisitions as required.
    4. Assist with student interviews and course enrolments.
    5. Work within the team in liaising with local schools, employers and outside agencies to identify their training requirements and promote the work of the College.
  3. Curriculum Development
    1. Maintain knowledge of new developments in the curriculum, courses and teaching practices and keep course material. To keep abreast of developments within own areas of expertise and to keep course material up to date to reflect the requirements of the College and the examining/validating bodies.
    2. Undertake such training as may be required and requested for such development.
    3. Be a member of relevant course teams and participate fully in their activities.
    4. Participate in the course and curriculum monitoring, reviews and evaluations.
    5. Take an active and positive role as a team member of both Team and cross-College teams as and when directed.
    6. Act as a Programme Leader when required.
    7. Contribute to new developments as appropriate participating in the development of course materials to meet the needs of new courses or changes to existing courses.
    8. Assist in the development of workshop facilities to meet the requirements of existing and proposed courses.
    9. Develop short courses in own specialist area as appropriate.
  4. Pastoral
    1. Provide active support to individual students, including 1:1 mentoring to students as appropriate. Working with families and outside agencies to facilitate success.
    2. Encourage students to take an active part in the corporate life of the College as appropriate.
    3. Help to ensure that College regulations and policies are upheld.
    4. Initiate action if misdemeanours or infringements of College policy occur.
  5. General
    1. Attend staff meetings when reasonably requested.
    2. Actively promote and market the College and present a positive image of the College and its activities both within and outside the College environment.
    3. Ensure the quality standards and performance measures applying to the work of the section are met and facilitate continuous improvements in all aspects of the post.
    4. Undergo any self-development and training as necessary for success in the role.
    5. Carry out any duties at all times in accordance with the College’s policies including Equality and Diversity and Health and Safety Policies.
    6. Incorporate into the role the philosophy, values and behaviour stated in the College mission and Strategic Plan.
    7. Be aware of and maintain within the College the College’s approach to security and discipline.
    8. Undertake any other responsibilities commensurate with the grade of the post, which the Principal or their senior management representative may from time to time require.

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