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  • Dylan McDonough-The Dots


    • 21 May 2015
    • Pip Jamieson

    The all-important question is what makes one creative portfolio stand out from another

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    Tips on Making the Most of Your Internship

    • 20 Jan 2015
    • Pip Jamieson, Founder & CEO, The Dots

    Pip Jamieson, Founder and CEO of The Dots shares her hints and tips on getting and making the most of internships.

  • Top 10 graduate job interview mistakes

    • 13 Feb 2017
    • Max Ramsay

    Interviews are a necessary evil on the path to a successful career - go along prepared by taking note of the following tips

  • Landing a spot on a top graduate scheme, 5 ways how

    • 31 Aug 2016
    • Andrew Sharp

    As graduate schemes for some of the country’s biggest employers start to open, here are a talent manager’s top tips for graduates looking to land a place on a scheme

  • GCSE results: Almost all young people believe not enough is being done to help them find their first job

    • 25 Aug 2016
    • Aftab Ali

    In separate research, young people also feel they are not getting enough education on managing their finances, causing them to fall into debt in later life

  • Student to employee: The bad habits you’ll have to change

    • 22 Jul 2013
    • Craig O'Callaghan

    When you get your first job, it’ll be time to start acting like a grown-up says Craig O’Callaghan

  • The fight for feedback: Why it pays to ask

    • 9 Jul 2013
    • Rachael Smith

    How many times have you been rejected after a job interview and wanted to know why?

  • Top tips for writing a perfect CV

    • 2 Jul 2013
    • Corinne Mills

    It's time to polish up that CV. Recruitment expert Corinne Mills explains how

  • Going it alone - how I did it

    • 17 Apr 2013

    We speak to Olivia Barker, who set up her own charity at just 23.

  • Lack of computer know-how is holding young jobseekers back

    • 12 Mar 2013

    Poor computer skills could be hampering young people's career chances, a charity warned today.

  • Scoring a job: Interview preparation

    • 11 Feb 2013

    Have you made your an awesome CV yet? Simple, but so many people have mistakes in their CVs or don't spend as much time as they should on them. Have a look at our handy guide to creating a killer CV and cover letter. This should tell you everything you need to know about writing a readable, useful and appealing CV.

  • Give us a job: How graduates can stand out from the crowd

    • 17 Jan 2013

    "Well done, Carruthers. First at Oxford, eh? Just the ticket! When can you start?" This pastiche of recruitment practices in the 1950s and 1960s is only partly apocryphal. It would be totally out-of-date if applied to the recruitment of university graduates in the 21st century.

  • 10 ways to get a graduate job

    • 17 Jan 2013

    As the latest survey shows the job market is tougher than ever, Richard Garner offers this year’s university leavers top tips to boost their chances of employment