Test Professional

Mploy Staffing Solutions
18 May 2017
17 Jun 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Job Purpose:

A test professional is a vital role with an agile development studio, working with the other roles in the sprint team to create valuable working software

By applying critical thinking, issue investigation, problem solving techniques and software automation to validating systems behaviour test professionals drive quality in our outcomes and pride in our products

Summary of main duties and responsibilities:

Team Inspiration

  • Inspire the team and all stakeholders with your enthusiasm for quality and desire to deliver working software
  • Bring together investigative analysis and critical think to help isolate the root cause of perceived issues within a product cycle
  • Optimise the value of the work performed
  • Be prepared to be wrong; Call out assumptions and test them with real customers as quickly as possible
  • Influence the team toward a continuous improvement and experimentation culture for both product and process, ensuring that each Sprint becomes more effective and enjoyable

Sprint Management

  • Work within the sprint team to deliver working software
  • Ensure the team is focused on completing the sprint with working software components
  • Challenge development changes where the change doesn’t deliver end user value or passing acceptance criteria
  • Collaborate with the team on each sprint objective and understanding the work involved, making trade-offs where necessary
  • Create, publish and iterate the tasks requiring test professional skills on a given sprint

Test Case Management

  • Create effective test plans, cases and scenarios covering acceptance criteria on agreed stories
  • Create effective automation processes to drive down the need for manual test intervention
  • Continuously improve existing automation to improve effectiveness and value
  • Ensure that each "done" increment of product/service represents an end-to-end user scenario - something of value to an end user (e.g. a capability is given to a user that they didn’t have before) - and there is at least one acceptance test (preferably automated) that confirms the software does what the customer expects it to do
  • Use collaborative approaches to understanding customer needs and evaluating solution options
  • Look always to move manual test cases to automated where the test case is "routine"
  • Use test plan & case management technology provided to optimise valuable work done


  • Contribute to excellent communication within the team, acting as conversation starter rather than barrier or control point for discussion and decision making
  • Foster and encourage face-to-face conversation and collaboration such as swarming, pairing, mobbing and workshopping
  • Work with other product team members to increase the effectiveness of software testing and its application within the principles of Scrum/Agile in the organisation
  • Ensure a team dynamic where work can be criticised but individuals not

Skills & Experience

  • Demonstrable experience of product ownership in agile product led studios
  • Qualified to degree level or equivalent
  • Proven people skills in a customer facing environment
  • Demonstrable knowledge of energy retail markets
  • Excellent analytical and interpretive skills
  • Strong influencing skills across all levels including senior management
  • Demonstrable experience of working in an agile development team
  • Experience of Scrum based planning techniques
  • Business Analysis skills desirable
  • A drive for excellence over satisfaction