Technical Support Analyst Manchester

Network Recruitment Solutions
17 May 2017
16 Jun 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Role Title: Technical Support Analyst Location: Manchester:

Role Qualifications: (Required) & (Preferred)

Education: BS in Computer Science or related field (P) or equivalent work experience (R)

Experience: 2 years’ experience with PC based applications, Windows OS (R)

Areas of Knowledge: Technical Support (R), Troubleshooting (R),

Networking (R), Network Structure (P), Disaster Recovery & Planning

(R), Various Protocols (R) , MS Office (R), MS Dynamics AX (P).

Role Purpose: To develop, coordinate, and supply technical support for computer hardware and software at

Manchester site. Assist with reports and queries with the goal of improving information availability to clients employees.

Work closely with corporate resources to develop consistent support across the company.

Work with networking and server

Management and all computer peripherals at the site.

Global Accountabilities for the Role:

1. Safety: Establish and maintain a safe work environment and work habits.

2. Quality: Supply functional equipment to end users that are reliable.

3. Productivity: Introduce time saving technology to users and automate information system for administrative effectiveness.

4. Cost: Work efficiently as possible, conserving supplies and other Company provisions where ever possible

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:

  1. Tech Support: Supply technical support to users and utilize corporate IT support as needed.

2. Reports: Generate needed reports in planning system for end users to utilize.

3. Repair: Correct all malfunctioning equipment with expertise or recommend replacement. Understand contacts for equipment repairs

And check for workable spares.

4. Hardware: understand PC and Server hardware. Recommend hardware for all WAN and LAN equipment.

5. Disaster Recovery: Develop and maintain disaster recovery backup plan to keep data as good as 24 hours or better.

6. Install: Implement and install new computer systems for users as required and setup all necessary tools and complete data migration for

The user. Also, install and support all security and telecommunications systems onsite.

7. Support: Provide support to personnel computer users as required

8. Safety: Attend all safety meetings and provide feedback on issues.

9. System Administrator: Maintain user security and develop and implement policies for PC’s. Use good administration ethic when

Administering user personnel files. Monitor system performance and report malfunctions to management