Head of English - Leading Primary School London

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14 May 2017
13 Jun 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
  1. To be responsible to the head teacher for co-ordinating the English curriculum, supporting and advising staff where appropriate.
  2. Act as class teacher and fulfil the daily duties for the educational and pastoral care of a class including teaching subjects other than English, attending parents evenings, staff training and class trips, writing reports, liaising with parents, monitoring progress, preparing displays and performing duties of supervision. (See KS2 teacher job description for a full list of class teacher responsibilities.)
  3. To monitor the quality of teaching and learning in English in line with the school policy. This may include lesson observations, monitoring of short and medium term planning and scrutiny of pupils work.
  4. To have a good knowledge of the ISEB 11+ English curriculum and the English requirements for 11+ entry.
  5. To perform staff appraisal in liaison with the Head Teacher and Deputy Head.
  6. To review long term planning in English to ensure coverage, progression and a range of learning experiences across the Key Stage.
  7. To ensure continuity and progression in English for all pupils from Lower School to Upper School.
  8. Liaise and work with the Head of Pastoral care to support the pastoral care of pupils in your class.
  9. Co-ordinate and oversee the organisation of educational visits related to English.
  10. Ensure English planning is effectively carried out and ensure pupils’ individual needs are being met.
  11. Set appropriate expectations for English staff and pupils in relation to standards of pupils’ achievements and the quality of teaching and establishing clear targets for improving and sustaining pupils’ achievement supporting the process of teaching and learning in accordance with agreed policies and guidelines.

Recording and Assessment

  1. Monitor progress in English throughout the school and ensure appropriate action is being implemented by class teachers and subject leader to raise achievement.
  2. Monitor English planning to ensure individual needs are being met supporting teachers where appropriate.


  1. Support the Head Teacher in providing a clear vision and direction for the development of the school in English.
  2. Take a leading role in specific project(s) to be decided with the Head teacher. For example, Shakespeare Week, Poetry Week.
  3. Contribute to Leadership Team decisions on all aspects of policy development and organisation by playing a significant role in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the school's development plan.
  4. Attend Leadership Team meetings as required, and report back to staff when necessary.
  5. Convey a positive "can do" attitude, motivate and inspire staff and present a 'united front’ to secure successful outcomes of school initiatives.
  6. Establish good relationships, encourage good working practices and support and lead teachers.
  7. Plan, organise and chair English curriculum meetings as appropriate in order to ensure school policies and practices are being implemented.
  8. Plan and chair English progress meetings as appropriate with each year group.
  9. Liaise with teaching assistants timetabled within English lessons as appropriate.
  10. Lead assemblies as requested by the Head Teacher.
  11. Lead English sets teachers in preparing for 11+ exams in Upper School.

Apply ASAP - Max Salary £50K depending upon experience