Designer - Contraction (Glazing)

14 May 2017
13 Jun 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Job Title Designer - Construction

Description ofJob Role Full Time and Permanent

Department Design

Location Bedford

Report to Director

Responsible for Staff Designers, Assistant Designers and Trainee Designers

Job Purpose/ Objectives To lead the design team for an allocated project and deliver completed designs on time and within budgeted cost. Ensure materials are scheduled to meet the programme requirements of those projects. Request CAD drawings from Contractor of all floor plans, sections, elevations and details and request sectional details from fabricator.

Whist for these, set up "Contract" folder on the server with subfolders for:

  • Architects Drawings
  • Frame supplier - To contain Quotation, order, sectional details, glass sizes.
  • Glass - To contain glass quotes, glass orders on standard forms
  • Panel/Flashings orders - To contain quotation, Syte drawings if any, schedules.
  • Drawings - with sub folders :- Sent for Approval : Sent for Manufacture: and Superceded
  • Purchase Orders - split into Invoiced and Not Invoiced

Carry out reconciliation of frames to be drawn against our quoted quantities and inform Client of any changes.

When drawing commences use my clients standard Layout as seen in Master Folder

Use scales not exceeding 1:100 but better at 1:50

Show details of head, cill and jambs at not greater than 1:5 scale.

Use My clients dimension styles on all drawings

Use Architects details for interfaces - if none have been provided ask for them - we are not to invent the structure. But should note what we require if it is not there or obviously there on our drawings. We should only refer to Steelwork or Concrete drawings if instructed to do so by our Client. We are not to coordinate the façade.

Ensure that EPDMs are drawn.

If no dead load support or midspan support is shown request the Contractor provide this beforesubmitting drawings and show where it is required on drawings.

When comments received these should be addressed and drawings revised straight away or at the most within 1 week.

When Status B is given - which should be asked for when only minor changes are being requested order metal from fabricator.

When status a achieved order frames from fabricator and request glass sizes.

Chase for glass sizes if not received within 1 week of sending for manufacture.

When glass sizes received schedule out glass on my clients standard form - see Master folder.

Obtain prices for glass required and negotiate best deal, place orders using Purchase Orders. (Check rate allowed in contract schedule of rates)

Schedule out all panels and pressings on my clients standard forms - see Master folder

Obtain prices for panels and pressings and negotiate best deal, place order using Purchase Orders.

Set up "Fitters Pack" folder in Contact folder containing all drawings, glass orders, panel orders, locational floor plans & RAMS.

Confirm costs of all variations to client as soon as we are aware of them and add to contract schedule of rates then carry figure across once instructed.

During the works carry out monthly valuations of work done and materials on site which must always show the projected Final Account figure.

Check invoices against Purchase Orders for accuracy on a monthly basis.

Carry out and submit Final Account at end of contract ensuring all variations are included.

Emails must be filed in the correct Contract folder and correct sub folders as the my clients standard format - I in doubt - ask

Liaise throughout Project with my clients fitters and M/C staff. Carry out site visits as necessary.