Facility Aerospace Manager

The Work Shop
06 May 2017
05 Jun 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Our Client are a large Aerospace Manufacturer with in excess of 100 staff

Role: Facility Aerospace Manager

Location: Poole

Salary: To £40,000

1.0 Purpose of Role

1.1 To manage the operations within the AIRBUS FACILITY.

1.2 To ensure operations are conducted in strict accordance with aircraft models [A320/A330/]operating within the facility in respect of commercial, production, logistics & quality control.

1.3 To ensure the objectives of the facility operating model are achieved, improved & where failure is recorded, implement & manage corrective & preventative action[s].

1.4 To strictly monitor & maintain customer requirements in respect of quality & delivery metrics.

1.5 To strictly monitor, maintain & control all commercial elements of the facility.

2.0 Responsibilities

2.1 To uphold company policies as documented in the Business Strategy.

2.2 To act as SAFETY OFFICER in accordance with the company H&S Manual

2.3 To ensure correct practise, legalities and responsibilities in respect of H&S, EMS& product and quality systems assurance is maintained

2.4 Facility security, maintenance [including machine] & housekeeping.

2.5 To control the commercial purchasing within the facility model & the business budget.

2.6 To initiate, manage and document all corrective actions to ensure preventative action is effective and production management is not compromised.

2.7 To ensure product non conformity is communicated to the production staff & not returned to the production staff without effective action.

2.8 To monitor performance of all direct manufacturing operatives in respect of quality and recommend training, or corrective action as appropriate to secure sales and performance objectives

2.9 To ensure employee training is identified, managed and documented accurately and timely [BOCS-24].

2.10 To attend Quality Reviews & complete effective RCCA on time

3.0 Specific Duties

3.1 To provide & publish on the team board by the first day of each month the measures defined in the AIRBUS FACILITY PERFORMANCE MODEL:

3.2 To ensure KITS are despatched on the KANBAN date.

3.3 Spares delivery [product to customer EPO]

3.4 To raise product WORKS ORDER CARDS compliant with BOCS-11 & AS9100 [latest revision] requirements.

3.5 To coordinate/assist Quality Clinics IAW BOCS-18.

3.6 To fully support & Quality reviews & ensure all/any RCCA are conducted on time & effectively to prevent re occurrence of all/any non-conformances.

3.7 To monitor daily, the quality & operational controls of the facility:

[1] Works Order Card Accuracy

[2] Tooling/fixturing & Quality check sheets accuracy & conformity

[3] Product EBQ conformity

3.8 To attend, support & provide accurate information for weekly production reviews & expedite product & material delivery as required.

3.9 To manage the facility/co-ordinate effective 5C management programmes

3.10 Emergency response team member.

4.0 Limits of Authority

4.1 May not authorise capital expenditure.

4.2 May not hire and fire staff.

4.3 Purchasing under STRICT commercial control per BOCS-09

4.4 May authorise & approve holiday, OT, time & attendance[flexible hours].

5.0 Measures of Performance

5.1 Per facility performance model.

5.2 The effective implementation of continuous improvement initiatives where ownership is assigned.