Regional Sales Manager Wealth Manager

Coast Specialist Recruitment
06 May 2017
05 Jun 2017
Contract Type
Full Time



2.1 Regulatory Responsibilities

  • Monitors and enhances the quality of advice provided by the our clients Partnership to ensure that Our Client is meeting the FCA’s TCF Outcome Four - where consumers receive advice, the advice is suitable and reflects their needs, priorities and circumstances.
  • Responsible for managing the output and performance of the Partnership in line with our values and principles of treating our clients fairly (being both our internal (Partner/Adviser) clients and external clients).
  • Ensures that Partners’/Advisers’ day-to-day business activities include (where appropriate):
  • Creating processes that meet the needs of our clients efficiently and effectively
  • Using documents that are clear, easy to understand and avoid jargon
  • Making decisions with clients’ best interests in mind
  • Keeping clients suitably informed within appropriate timescales
  • Giving suitable advice which takes account of clients’ circumstances.
  • Actively seeks information and understanding of a Partner’s/Adviser’s business. Takes responsibility for acquiring information.
  • Implements and maintains the required our client systems to ensure that Partners/Advisers within their team meet with the FCA’s objectives and the principles of good regulation.
  • Uses the monitoring systems and controls in place to ensure that risk processes are implemented, and that problems are identified and dealt with in a timely manner.
  • Ensures that Partners/Advisers develop the knowledge and skills necessary to write, document and submit business within the our clients uidelines and to required standards.
  • Works closely with Partners/Advisers and their practice members to identify issues early on, and agree the options on how to resolve them within the compliance guidelines.
  • Uses Business Checking feedback, MI, audit information and trend analysis to maintain a clear understanding of each Partner’s/Adviser’s business and to address any issues.
  • Maintains awareness of the financial arrangements and requirements of the Partners/Advisers, ensuring that Company policy in relation to the financial standing of the Partner/Adviser is followed at all times in order to ensure that 'fit and proper’ requirements are met.
  • Sets expectations of financial arrangements with Partner/Adviser to maximise their productivity, but does so prudently to minimise the risk of any potential financial loss to our client.

2.2 Business Support Responsibilities

  • Facilitates the development of the Partnership to enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • Leads their team of Partners/Advisers to encourage new business growth in line with Company growth objectives.
  • Provides support as appropriate for Partners and Advisers to help them achieve appropriate professional qualifications and maintain appropriate knowledge through CPD.
  • If working with newer Partners/Advisers the PDM supports the new Partner/Adviser to helpthem achieve their "entry level".
  • Inspires and encourages appropriate strategy, operational activity and best practice aimed at enhancing the quality of Partners’/Advisers’ business and their results.
  • Encourages best practice in business planning, marketing, systems, people management, and administration in order to create a sound and robust Partner/Adviser capable of achieving long-term growth and productivity.
  • Remains close to new joiners’ networks, and where necessary provides introductions of potential recruits to the business.
  • Encourages and aids Partners/Advisers in developing the infrastructure of their businesses, so that they maximise the security of the business and its processes.
  • Keeps the Head of Business and Business Risk Manager up to date on key matters and risks that involve the Partner’s/Adviser’s business.


  1. Personal Development

    • Ensures that their own level of professional qualification is in line with that required by both the company and Regulatory Authority, within the required timescales.

    • Maintains a working knowledge of all products and services available to their team.

    • Maintains a good knowledge of best practice and the our client support available to assist Partners/Advisers in the growth of their business.

    • Maintains a working knowledge of the company’s Development & Accreditation Scheme and other Compliance regulation and how it impacts on the Partner/Adviser.

  2. Projects/Development

    • As and when required, undertakes National, Area and Location projects at the request of the Head of Business, Transition Director or the Partnership Directors.

  3. General

    • As a member of the Field Management Team, contributes to the development of National, Area and Location policies and actively supports their implementation.

    • Contributes to the forums organised for PDMs by contributing ideas on best practice.

    • Carries out all activity with integrity and professionalism.

    • Supports National, Area, Location meetings when required and shares learning and best practice with colleagues.

    • Ensures that personal skills and knowledge levels are kept up to date and improved on an ongoing basis, in order to perform the tasks and functions of the job. Learns new skills and best practice to develop the Partnership.

    • Ensures communication and follow up of Company requirements as outlined in key documentation (eg, Partnership Notes, Marketing Materials etc).


Reports to Head of Business.