Lead Developer

Spitalfields and Banglatown
12 Oct 2018
10 Nov 2018
Contract Type
Full Time
* Mission led, values driven business transforming mental health.
* Sanctus’ first technical hire.
* Opportunity to build Sanctus technology from the ground up.
* Profitable business with solid customer base and no intention to raise venture money or exit.

*Sanctus mission*
Our mission is to change the perception of mental health and create the world’s first mental health gym. We believe we should treat our mental health like our physical health.

Right now we operate in the workplace, where we place Sanctus Coaches into Businesses to create a 1:1 safe space where individuals can book a session to talk to someone impartial and confidential about their mental health.

Our operation is fairly well established with 13 Sanctus Coaches working across 30 different businesses. We work with a diverse range of businesses like; Transferwise, Onfido, carwow, Secret Escapes, Red Bull, Boston Consulting Group, Aviva and loads more.

*Your mission*
As our first engineering hire you’ll lay the foundation for the Sanctus platform. We’ve grown a broad range of passionate customers, who rely on us to create a space in their workplace for people to talk about their mental health.

Our current product is a mixture of manual calendar scheduling between, Sanctus, the Coach and the Business, then a hosted booking system powered by an external provider with all of our online resources hosted on Medium.

You’ll drive the product roadmap and engineering decisions to help develop a key part of our business. Phase 1 of this will be partner dashboard and customer facing profile/booking engine for coaches and businesses to schedule coaching days, and individuals to book individual sessions on site.

You’ll plan and produce a platform that is built to scale with your choice of tech stack, we’re open to any modern open-source tech stack and hosting strategy, we only expect for you to be mindful of how the engineering team will grow and benefit from the technology decisions made at this stage. You’ll work alongside James, who’s our product focused founder, and you two will be the product team building the product that helps us achieve our mission.

Given the scope and responsibility of this role we’re looking for someone with a minimum of 1–2 years experience coding and building product. A startup background isn’t critical but we’d like you to have experience of working in a fast-paced, lean and agile environment where you are experienced in delivering product quickly and at speed. We also hope that you’d have the ambition to move into a leadership role over time and that you are craving ownership of a product you believe really matters.

*Your strengths*
* Passionate and experienced in full-stack web development.
* Ability to understand the needs of our customers, coaches and users.
* Ability to solve problems with incremental technical improvements
* Ability to quickly build and release product

*Life at Sanctus*
* Currently we’re a full time team of 6, including the 2 founders and you would be employee no. 5.
* We have 13 coaches who are self-employed but feel very much a part of our team, so in total we’re 19 strong.
* Our home is in the Tea Building, Shoreditch and we work out of the ustwo Adventure space alongside companies like tray.io, easle.co, Tribe and others.
* We have a very open and receptive culture towards mental health and you might find us talking about the meaning of life or the use of psychedelics in therapy over lunch.
* We aren’t a fully remote organisation, but are willing to be flexible on remote working and keen to explore it further.
* We have our own Sanctus Coach that provides 1:1 coaching for our team, this is a space to talk about absolutely anything you want and it can be personal or professional, nothing is ever fed back to Sanctus.
* We also run monthly Sanctus Groups where we reflect on our own mental health as a team — this is for our coaches and our HQ team.
* We run monthly town halls, where we share our work-specific challenges with each other as a way to support one another.
* We have regular socials that don’t just mean drinking, but we do like to go to the pub too.
* Employees have 25 days holiday which they are encouraged to take and we talk about holidays in 1:1s
* We have a fairly relaxed approach to set working hours and appointments in the day etc.
* As a business we are profitable and growing sustainably with no investor pressures, we’ve raised no institutional money and are very much in control of our own destiny.

_We’re well aware that if you’re a techie living in London then you probably aren’t short of job offers with insane salaries and perks. We believe we offer competitive salaries and that we’re building a unique culture. What we do know is that what we can offer, better than most, is an abundance of purpose, mission and values._

_This won’t be writing a load of code to help people get their food delivered faster, or so more people can see mobile ads — it’s so more people can talk to someone safely about their mental health._

_If you put a lot of yourself into what you build, then we’d like to invite you to build something with us, because we believe that what we’re doing is making a real tangible positive impact on the world and we want you to help us do more of that._

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