Looking for Co-founder or Investor

London (Greater)
12 Oct 2018
10 Nov 2018
Contract Type
Full Time
Looking for a co-founder with programming abilities to create apps to create an MVP of the idea below in order to attract investors.

An app which would capitalise on the popularity of photo/video sharing sites by creating a space which challenges people to create unique creative and fun photos however the twist is that every month there's a different topic. The theme could be anything ranging from acting out a scene from a show or film to imitating a celebrity. Whilst the satisfaction of being a popular user is incentive enough, there are other incentives available for instance the chance to choose the theme for the month.

Unique Selling Point (USP) – Our USP is the fact that our app is competition driven, unlike Instagram, Vine, Periscope and Flickr, our website is not just another space for people to upload and share their videos and photos. It’s a competition space, the content uploaded will be in line with a theme we have chosen. In addition, the app would be extremely attractive to businesses due to the potential to advertise and seek talent through this app. Through this app many potential business owners could find talent, some examples of the kind of talent which would be found on the app are models, singers, rappers, artists, directors, chefs and many more.

Target Audience- A large proportion of our visitors will be aged between 13 to 21, who are often the most creative due to their stage in life. However often it is hard to keep their attention therefore making sure themes are engaging will be very important and at times involving them in the process of selecting a theme. There is also a possibility to engage an audience of the ages above 21, however the problem here is whether they'd engage in such activities. To ensure engagement flexible themes would have to be chosen to ensure both age demographics are catered for.

Potential sources of revenue
Having a shop which sold products according to the topic for that month
Companies paying to choose a topic which incorporates a product of theirs or their brand in general
Setting video challenges where we would have full distribution rights to all the videos and then in turn could sell them on to other sites
Traditional advertising

I'm offering equity, investors also welcome

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