Solutions Lead

Jenrick IT Limited
£65000 - £70000 per annum, Benefits: Bonus, Pensio
21 Apr 2017
21 May 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
Are you capable of helping businesses change?

Can you guide and advise clients to navigate their way through an ever changing digital world of technological disruption and opportunities?

We`re currently looking for an experienced Solution Lead who shares the ambition to drive and make a difference for businesses looking to adapt, evolve and decisively win in the digital era.

Solution Lead / Change Consultant

A Solution Lead creates compelling and valuable solutions to the most pressing, and often wicked, problems which our customers face. They hold the vision for how changes in mindset (how we think), measures (how we understand success) and mechanics (what we do) combine to transform our customers` bottom line and ability to improve their performance. They apply their wide-ranging experience and deep knowledge in a considerable mix of disciplines to understand the client`s context and identify the critical moves that get disproportionately positive results.

Collaborating with client teams, Solution Leads bring to life the means and merits of changing for the better. Their job is to make the complex consumable and actionable: to separate and describe those things which are essential for success from those which would only make a marginal difference. This starts by developing a set of hypotheses that -- given the client`s current situation, opportunities and constraints -- answer three fundamental questions: how do we increase value, improve flow and enhance quality?

Once the core hypotheses are in place, Solution Leads work with the customer and an internal team to plan the implementation and then help to execute it; they also monitor its progress. From a solution perspective this means launching, testing, refining and rolling out sustainable transformation and change at any scale. To be effective, Solution Leads need to be masters of experiment-driven approaches, be skilled data miners equally adept at analysis and synthesis, and be excellent at communicating through models, insightful visuals, and simple, yet robust, narratives.


Develops the trusted-advisor/thought-leader relationship with the client and helps others within the team become trusted advisors

Whenever appropriate, educates the client and Internal team members on mindset, measures and mechanics from a Value-Flow-Quality perspective

Generates insight for customers regarding their opportunities, capabilities and challenges

Creates a compelling solution for the client along with a rollout strategy backed by concrete tactics that result in sustainable transformation and change

Articulates a clear vision and a working framework which avoid mixed messages and ensure that both the client and all Internal people understand and can deliver the solution

Regularly evaluates the change approach and works to improve Internal`s performance, both at the client and in general

Provides for continuity whenever new people join a team at a client

Shares experiences, approaches and learning with other Solution Leads and more broadly within Internal

Helps Internal teams to formulate widely applicable solutions to complex customer problems through research, empirical observation and pattern building


Solid application of Agile principles in practice

Best in class communication and presentation skills: the ability to clearly and simply present complex ideas and constructive arguments

Ability to break work down, sequence, and track it based on iterative and incremental techniques

Critical thinking backed by collection, analysis, synthesis and visualisation of relevant data

Ability to research relevant theory and practice via extensive reading and other learning means, particularly as it relates to product life cycles, organisational design and ways of working

Educating, training, coaching and mentoring in multiple scenarios: 1-to-1, team, top leadership, etc.

Team building and collaboration


Multiple years of hands-on involvement in one or more of end-to-end IT Delivery, Product Management or Organisational Management and Change

Track record in transformational consulting or coaching, especially related to change in large, complex enterprise environments

Experience of work management frameworks from the Agile, Lean, Systems/Design Thinking and related disciplines (Kanban, Theory of Constraints, Systems Engineering, etc.)

Demonstrable experience with data and decision support tools