Frontend Developer We activate customer data

16 Apr 2017
16 May 2017
Contract Type
Full Time


  • Build our popular, client facing platform in React
  • Competitive salary range between £45k - £55k + benefits
  • Opportunity to be early part of shaping platform serving high-growth market
  • Our expert engineers experiment with new technologies
  • We have a canteen with subsidised breakfast & lunch onsite…and a fully stocked soft drink & beer fridge
  • No gimmicks, just a great development environment, means we don’t need to con people with a ping pong table to distract them from boring work

Fospha activate data to give customer-centric marketers an unfair advantage. Our market-leading customer data platform (CDP) transforms information silos into operational business superpowers. Our engines and tools go beyond insight into action, democratising data through interfaces and real-time personalisation. Fospha has been named as one of the key market players in the emerging CDP space (described by McKinsey as the heartbeat of modern marketing). Our plans are big and we want you to be part of them.

We have clear structure and roles across the usual areas of sales, marketing, product development, professional services, engineering and data science. Our size means we manage specific objectives with everyone helping as required in talking to customers, analysing data, building our products and delivering our services. This suits people who want to learn a range of business and operational skills as well as adapting and developing their core skills to a commercial environment.

You will build user-centric interfaces to enhance our customer data platform with visualisations consuming data from our predictive modelling and real-time personalisation engines. You are excited by working in a cross-functional team of smart product people, front-end engineers and data-scientists. With strong views on product development and rapid prototyping, you value opportunities to meet customers and understand our market.

We believe that top engineers are adaptable and multi-disciplinary. Frameworks and technologies used evolve with the product, rather than familiarity. Our team works in service oriented architecture, following a modern micro-service approach. Engineers have a high level of independence choosing implementation whilst focusing on quality. We take care of planning, testing, implementing, deploying and supporting our services.

Requirement to be strong across frontend; you are equally comfortable architecting a component-based UI and optimising performance. You enjoy choosing and working with new technologies. Flexibility and fast-paced iteration don’t scare you because you know that’s the path to success. You care about more than just shipping code, you want to build and grow with the business. You code according to craftsmanship principles.

  • You have chosen to work with JavaScript as your preferred language, you are comfortable across frameworks and have opinions on which libraries/ languages and frameworks will be great to use as we scale
  • Current experience with HTML5 and Web Components
  • Current experience in a Test Driven Development (TDD) environment
  • Experience with Continuous Integration

Some tech we use: CSS3 with animations and transitions; ES6.Next with Stage-2 features; React - styled Components for CSS, Mobx for State Management; Webpack with Babel; Visual tests with react-storybook and unit testing with Jest.

Fospha is part of the Blenheim Chalcot Group, an awesome venture incubator with combined sales in excess of £350m, £500m of assets under management. It’s a unique environment with a support eco-system that allows us to build a disruptive business at an unprecedented speed.