Business Development - Work From Home

Smart Recruit Online Limited
West London
£10000 - £100000 per annum + See Job Spec
12 Apr 2017
12 May 2017
Contract Type
Part Time

About the Role:

Do you ever think about your future and the direction that your life is heading in? Are you tired of working long hours day-in day-out, not to mention a commute that just seems to be getting worse? Have you become a bit bored of your job, having a boss or a manager; someone constantly breathing down your neck?

We are looking for people who tick the above boxes and who want to make a change.

What we offer is a business opportunity which you will work from home, and it could very well be alongside your current job. However there are some important differences: This is not a conventional 9-5 job. You will not have a boss. You will not have targets set for you. There isn't a set number of hours that you have to work in order to get paid. But this IS the opportunity of a lifetime for the right kind of individual, and it comes with unlimited coaching and mentoring to help you become the kind of person that you were meant to be, and to generate the level of income which any successful career person deserves to generate.

Let me tell you my story: For 25+ years I enjoyed what many would term a successful corporate career. After finishing my education, I rose pretty quickly through the ranks of a large telecommunications company. I had a big office, a big car, and ran a number of departments totalling some 1600 people. I earned good money but my kids grew up without much help from me because I was always working. My wife once said to me, 'The children have stopped asking when is daddy coming home?' I knew something had to change, but didn't really know how to get off this corporate hamster wheel and still pay the mortgage, buy the school clothes, and put food on the table.

Finally I realised that the only way to have control over your life, your hours, your results, and your income, was to be in business for yourself - so I started to look for a business model that would allow me to use my skills and pay me what I was worth, instead of what someone else thought I was worth (or what they could get away with paying me!)

For practical reasons, I also knew that this would have to be something that I could work part-time around my day job, at least until it started to make enough money for me to make a decision as to where to focus my time.

So, fourteen years ago I started looking for my 'ideal' work-from-home business, without any idea whether such a model actually existed.

After a year of looking, I did indeed find a business model which fulfilled all my requirements - and more. In fact, after two years, I left my day job because the income from my part-time business exceeded my day job.

My lifestyle today is exactly what I was looking for - I have the income that I need and the time that I need to enjoy it. I travel, my pension is sorted, and I will never again have to work for someone else - ever. And what I do exclusively now, and the reason for this Ad, is to show and coach others how to do exactly what I did following a very simple principle: If you help enough others to get what they are looking for, you will get everything that you are looking for.

Now I realise that this is not your normal Recruiting Ad, and you may well be looking for a salary and not a business opportunity. But if you have ever woken up in the morning, facing another long commute to a job which might not be everything you thought it was, and thought to yourself, 'Is this all there is?' Then you might want to have a closer look and click on the button below to find out more.

What you can expect:

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Like anything worthwhile, it requires time and effort. But the good news is that you will be shown and coached on every aspect of the business. You set your own income goals and the system allows you to achieve them - there is no cap or ceiling on your earnings potential. Plus, we have an outstanding benefit package, including a profit share program, a car program, and regular international travel opportunities.

For a personal interview to see whether there might be a fit with what you are looking for, please click the Apply button below and upload your CV, together with a cover letter that will make us want to call you back!

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Additional Salary Information:

Bonus, Incentives, Car Plan, Paid Holidays & Willable Income.

Essential Criteria:

People who do well with us are always highly motivated to make some kind of change in their lives - extra income, provision for retirement, financial freedom, more 'me' time, helping others, personal development, or just the idea of having their own business and taking control of their own destiny.

Our ideal candidates tend to be open, ambitious, enthusiastic, self-motivated and determined. They have a passion for what they do. They love learning new skills and they also have a desire to help others succeed. They are great communicators, and they radiate a positive and friendly attitude!

They come from every background: management, training, healthcare, sales, marketing, recruitment, HR, or simply returning to the workplace. I currently work with doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, carers, policemen and policewomen, people from the beauty industry, stay-at-home mums, personal trainers and other sports professionals.

About Us:

Our Company has been trading for 39 years and has operations in more than 160 Countries. Our marketplace is Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle. Global turnover is now in excess of US$2.8 billion.

Largely because of our extensive training and support, we hold the prestigious 'Investors in People' accreditation at the very highest (Gold) level.