UX/UI Designer

19 Mar 2017
18 Apr 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Role: UX/UI Designer

Location: London, with occasional travel to Paris

Salary £40,000 to £60,000

Skills - UX/UI, HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, UI DESIGN, UX DEVELOPER, multi-platform developing, adobe, graphic design

Our client is a start-up which is backed by a global insurance company which backs brash entrepreneurs building the next generation of ground-breaking technology companies, geared to improve, enrich or disrupt the insurance ecosystem. With offices in Paris, and London, but soon in Asia and America, our focuses on pioneering start-ups that are ready to scale across the global stage. Funded by a leading global insurance company our client is a fast start-up studio. We host entrepreneurs, give them the opportunity to meet others, to share their ideas, to benefit from ours, and we support them in developing their business, from the ground up.

About the venture - let's improve elderly care

With staggering demographic drivers accelerating the ageing of our population, we believe that elderly care will become a critical industry in Europe, America and Asia. Today, residential care is not an option anymore due to its cost and severely constrained capacity. Helping our elderly to stay at home while supporting and reassuring their families have become paramount needs. Our venture aims at disrupting the elderly home care industry by providing peace-of-mind to families and helping their older relatives to stay at home longer, safer and happier. The dire need and strong demand for our service, the unparalleled social innovation it will bring and the massive business opportunity it taps into, have excited us to design, develop and scale our service rapidly. Our ambition is to launch our service in the UK, then to scale it up worldwide within 3 years.


Elderly care is a complex sector. Our interface must be extremely simple, elegant and effective, targeting a very sensitive segment 55+ years old. There is a l lot of a work to truly crack and improve the user experience of our clients.

We are looking for a great experienced UX Designer to build with us this highly disruptive digital service on web and mobile interfaces.

You will work closely with co-founders, product owner, engineers to create this innovative solution across data, intelligence, storytelling, insurance and finance expertise.

Observation, empathy, ability to work with abstract concepts as well as concrete realities are critical for this job. It is key to be a true problem solver, and to have a true customer/ user focus. and keep in mind that solving a problem always start by formulating the right problem.

We constantly dialogue, and need to brainstorm and co design constantly. Hence, communication skills are key. Choosing the right word is as important to us as choosing the right message, display or image. Speaking of words, a fair part of our work is done in English.

It's mandatory to have a fluent practice of English, both in writing and in speech. Conversational French is a plus.

Requirements/skills set

Back to basics. Design encompass multiple meanings. So, let's be clear about our expectations. And bear in mind that we are great believer in "Keep it simple".

  • Several years of UX/UI design experience, preferably with products in healthcare or for older adults
  • Start-up experience is a plus
  • Adaptation of the tools to the goal, throughout the process: in early stage appropriation of our prototype, refining it or delivering the final product.
  • Building of abstract models to organise the information, on a screen, in time, so that to deliver a simple message and an easy to follow journey.
  • Be up to date in terms of standard web and touch screen interaction models.
  • Ability to rapidly draw a sketch to illustrate an idea.
  • Ability to take challenge and feedback constructively, and to restart from scratch when needed.
  • HTML an CSS knowledge - e.g. explain without a blink how ul#list:not(:last-of-type) {display:inline-block;padding-right:3em;background-color: red;} will affect the outcome.
  • Understanding of key factors that influence the ergonomics of an interface: Readability, handling, navigation and mental model.
  • Mastery of typographic attributes that can be used to convey the hierarchy of terms on screen.
  • Strong UI skills, designing the best screens ever made, having a true graphic designer intuition; versed into sketch, adobe ai or other graphic design tools
  • Imagination, out of the box, out of the trend and out of the ordinary thinking
  • A true passion for one of the most complicated industries in terms of user experience, aka the elderly
  • Appreciated but not mandatory: Programming skills, experience with multiple platforms, experience in video, animation, photography, etc.