Senior RGN, Nurse Manager

Jaeger and Green Consulting Limited
18 Mar 2017
17 Apr 2017
Public Sector
Contract Type
Full Time

Nurse Manager / Area Nurse Manager

Overall Purpose: To assist in the overall objective of the Group in creating and maintaining a caring environment in each of the Homes in the Group where they may work where clients and their families feel secure and happy and where the respect and dignity of the client is maintained

To be responsible and accountable for the delivery of the highest standards of care possible to clients.

To assist in the supervision of staff and ensure their adherence to the policies of the home.

To be flexible and able to work their contracted hours - day or night duty from a weekly rota or at short notice in any of the Homes in the Group.

To undertake management development training with the view to developing their career within the Group

Principal elements of the job: -

Care - Act as a 'Named Nurse’ for a group of clients.

- Assess, prescribe and evaluate care appropriately. Using the nursing care plans to show care required and keep this under regular review at least monthly or as the needs of the client changes

- Carry out personal care interventions and ensure that high standards of personal care for clients are achieved by care staff.

- When in charge, undertake to ensure that care to all clients is of a high standard appropriate to their needs and as prescribed in the care plan

- Use quality assurance tools where appropriate to ensure a high standard of care is maintained.

- Complete accident, incident reports as they occur and when necessary report to the Regulations & Quality Improvement Authority using the appropriate documentation. Also to report to any other Authorities/Bodies as necessary.

- Report accidents/incidents to the Nurse Manager/Assistant Nurse Manager immediately

- Liase with appropriate services as necessary ie: GP, OT, Physiotherapists, chiropody etc, to report or attend to any change in a client’s condition

- Administer all medications as prescribed and ensure adherence to the policies of the Home and NMC Standard for the Administration of Medicines

- Ensure clients receive adequate nutritional intake appropriate to their requirements and that the food served is of a high standard and well presented.

- Adhere to the NMC Professional Code of Conduct

General - Ensure the client’s registers are up to date


- If a client requires hospitalisation, ensure that the correct documentation is completed accurately and sent with the Client and all necessary personnel are informed

- Maintain accurate records of client’s regular tests or appointments and carry out the necessary preparation eg: transport escorts etc.

- Liase with administrative staff as required

- Ensure staff report for duty on time and work as rostered

- Ensure staff absence is recorded in the appropriate place and the duty roster adjusted accordingly

- Ensure correct staffing levels are maintained

- Ensure staff adhere to all policies and procedures as all times

- Liase with the Nurse Manager with regard to disciplinary/grievance matters concerning staff

Teaching - Act as a nurse mentor for students undertaking nurse training and complete mentorship training if required

- If not already qualified, you may be required to undertake the NVQ Assessors course and follow on to be Verifier for NVQ in the Home

- Together with the Nurse Manager, identify the training needs of staff

- Attend all internal lectures and staff meetings

- Maintain standards necessary for professional re-registration

General - Adhere to the NMC Professional Code of Conduct at alltimes

- Ensure maintenance problems are reported promptly and dealt with effectively

- Ensure all visitors are dealt with in acourteous manner -

respectfully and carefully in all situations

- Respond to requests by relatives and clients to ensure that the Home respects individuals wishes and care is given appropriately

- Generally promote the Nursing Home

Knowledge of Understand and observe the Nursing Home Policies and

Policies &Procedures Procedures in relation to: -

- Health & Safety Regulations

- Fire Prevention

- Personnel

- Manual Handling

- Visiting

- Smoking

- Maintenance of a strict code of confidentiality in relation to knowledge of clients

This job description is subject to regular review. It should not be regarded as restricted or objective but acts as a broad guide to the demands of the post.