Head Chef - Uppingham

18 Mar 2017
17 Apr 2017
Contract Type
Part Time


Job purpose

As the Head Chef of a boarding house kitchen, you will be responsible for the ordering and monitoring of supplies, preparing and cooking of meals in accordance with the school menu, budget control and the effective management of Health and hygiene procedures.

You will be providing meals for both pupils and staff within the boarding house, which averages at 60 people per sitting, when providing meals from a double supply kitchen this could be up to 140 per sitting.

The Head Chef is also responsible, with the assistance of the Catering & Domestic Manager, for managing the Assistant Chef.


  • To ensure a sufficient quantity of food is ordered & supplied to the kitchen to meet the school menu requirements.
  • Check the quality/temperatures of raw and cooked food products to ensure that standards are met.
  • To ensure that food expenditure meets budget requirements.
  • To line manage the Assistant Chef, ensuring all aspects of their responsibilities are adhered to. Due to the "back to back" nature of the working relationship with the Assistant Chef, good communication with the Catering & Domestic Manager on performance related issues is vital.
  • To undertake Assistant Chefs appraisals.
  • To prepare meals in accordance with the school menu and catering specification and provide them in sufficient quantity and time to satisfy the needs of the pupils and staff.
  • Ensure good practice when producing the meals by use of recognised guidelines i.e. recipe books and manufacturers' instructions.
  • Keep stock secure and store appropriately, avoid unnecessary wastage and deterioration of foodstuffs.
  • To ensure that the food budget is adhered to with only using the nominated and approved suppliers and foods as stated on Menus.
  • Ensure Equipment is used appropriately and for its designed use. Report any equipment defects and withdraw from use immediately.
  • Ensure good hygiene by adhering to food safety policies.
  • Monitor sanitation practices to ensure that employees follow standards and regulations and to keep a cleaning schedule updated weekly.
  • Whilst on duty, the Head Chef is classified as the responsible adult within the boarding house and is therefore not permitted to leave the house, unless the Matron or Housemaster is within the House. Therefore breaks must be taken in house; for this reason all breaks and lunch periods are paid and included within salary and shifted hours.
  • To work 3 weeks out of term time during the Easter and/or Summer holidays as per the Summer School rota.

Terms and conditions

  • Salary

Circa £20,755.44 per annum. This is a combination of term time work £18,786.72 (£10.63) and out of term work £1,968.72 (£12.73ph). The annual salary is paid over 12 calendar months. Salaries are generally reviewed annually on 1st September.

  • Working hours

46 hours per week, working 5 days out of 7 for 35 weeks of the year, this will involve 32 weeks of term time work and 3 weeks out of term time work. These 3 weeks will be rostered at any time during the Easter or Summer Holidays. In addition there are 105 cleaning hours before and after each term break classed as term time work with are rostered by the Catering & Domestic Manager, and must be worked in accordance to the rota, published in May for the following academic Year.

Each boarding house has two cooks who generally work back to back and adopt the following rota.








Cook 1








Cook 2





6.50am -7pm



Additional Salary Opportunities

There are 3 special functions a year that are compulsory: Speech Day, House Concert and Christmas Dinner. Where these fall outside your normal working hours you will be paid at the appropriate overtime rate. Any additional functions worked outside your normal working hours will also be paid at the overtime rate.

Overtime during Monday-Saturday will be paid at time plus one half and at double time for Sunday working.


The annual holiday entitlement is all normal school holidays, with the exception of the 3 weeks out of term time and the 105 hours per year worked before and the end of school terms, as above.

No holiday may be taken during term time, the 3 rostered weeks at Easter/Summer or during cleaning weeks. Public holidays that fall in term time are normal working days.

Other Benefits

  • Employees may join the Support Staff pension scheme after a qualifying period, subject to certain criteria.
  • Private Health care: the School pays 50% of the premium (pro-rata for part-time staff).
  • Free membership of Uppingham School Sports Centre (pro-rata for part-time staff).
  • Free staff lunches during term-time.