JavaScript React Software Developer

16 May 2018
22 Jun 2018
Contract Type
Full Time

What you will be doing (most of the time):

  • Building and maintaining our frontend product, sdk and possibly working on a mobile app solution
  • Managing our AWS services including DynamoDB and Cognitio
  • Working closely with our dev team, using Agile-ish principles; currently we have a consulting CTO and a junior full stack & data engineer.
  • Contributing heavily to the company - we’re looking for your input and help in planning, developing and evolving the product.
  • Code reviews and maintaining a flexible codebase of high quality
  • Representing the tech part of Exaactly in meetings with the stakeholders, clients and at various events, possibly all around the UK.
  • Mentoring
What you ideally would have experience with:
  • React + Redux, Node, Python, ES6+
  • Document databases like DynamoDB, Mongo
  • Good grasp of vanilla JS, CSS and HTML - very important
  • Implementing and maintaining SDK’s and embedded plugins
  • Developing SPA applications
  • TDD using Jest
  • Code reviews and managing an agile dev team
  • Data and data viz tools are a bonus (D3, pandas, seaborn etc)
  • Git, obviously

Please apply if you’re not ticking all the boxes - if you’re up for the challenge and you’re able to deliver, you’re very welcome.

Skills CSS, HTML, Python, Js, TDD, node, Mongo DB, DynamoDB, Git Github, Jest, ES6+, React + Redux


How we work

We’re a small, entrepreneurial team. A colourful bunch with a curious mix of expertise because most of us have switched careers a few times. We believe that the right attitude is at least as important as experience and are crazy about learning new stuff. We value our spare time, and we stick together during crunch times to make the impossible happen. We can tell you a few success stories, and how they have brought us closer together as a team!

?Why you fit in

You’re looking to work proactively, shape our product and ‘own’ the Stack at Exaactly! You don’t need hand holding and thrive when you get thrown in at the deep end. You value your personal growth and are always striving to learn. You appreciate flexible working hours (no 9–5 unless it’s your choice!) and understand that what counts is that you deliver great quality software. You want to represent the company at key business meetings with clients alongside the CEO.

?What’s in it for you…

  • Flexibility, autonomy and minimal bureaucracy – to lead all aspects of your work
  • Exposure to the latest mobile, web and backend technologies
  • An open and progressive environment where input is encouraged from everyone at all levels
  • Opportunity to pursue areas of passion, develop your skills and CV and direct mentorship
  • We encourage remote working and flexible hours as long as the way you work provides results. It’d be good if you were physically around for majority of the working week, but don’t be shy to organise work from home days as you need as long as we all cooperate in harmony.

Where you'll find us

Our office is slightly nomadic (all within zones 1 and 2) and we are currently based in Kings Cross.

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