Registered Manager of a Children's Home

LIBRA School
South Molton
18 Mar 2017
17 Apr 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

To manage a small children’s home, to provide 24hr care, support and security to our young people and their staff for whom you are responsible, in accordance with LIBRA’s policies, procedures and good practice under the direction of the Director of Care and Company Directors.

There will be some Duty Management responsibilities which will involve working 2 x 24 hour shifts starting Saturday (finishing Monday morning) occurring one weekend in four. These hours are taken into consideration when calculating your weekly working hours. This might involve some sleep in work however, if sleep in is not required you remain on call overnight.

  • To ensure that all administration in the unit is completed by the due dates according to Libra’s Policies and Procedures
  • To ensure that all the administrative procedures required by OFSTED are completed by the due dates
  • To ensure that all procedures required by Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015 including Quality Standards are in place
  • To update the young person risk assessments on a regular basis
  • To prepare all reports and care plans for young person reviews and have these available for the Director of Care to review and approve (in the absence of a Key Worker) or ensure they are completed to the appropriate standard by the Key Worker.
  • To provide weekly planners for each young person in advance and ensure that plans are in place to complete the weekly planner
  • To manage the budget of the unit and provide an audit trail for this budget
  • To plan and manage unit staff meetings and provide minutes of these meetings
  • To manage the unit vehicles and provide documentary evidence that you are doing so
  • To be ready at all times for an OFSTED inspection and to be in a position to provide the necessary evidence to justify the highest standard possible.
  • To organise and document supervision meetings with staff as required
  • To contribute to the training and personal development of Residential Child Care Officers and Key Workers
  • To be responsible to ensure that RCCO staff and Key Workers within your unit complete their roles in accordance with their job descriptions.
  • To implement disciplinary procedures under the guidance of the School Manager when required
  • To contribute to the Level 3 Diploma training programme when required
  • Contribute to the normal development of the young people through provision of a healthy lifestyle, a variety of appropriate stimulating activities and a consistent and caring approach.
  • To provide care and support for young people on either a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of staff to young people.
  • To be alert to signs of distress or abuse and to ensure that the young people are monitored and protected - to report any concerns to the Director of Care or Company Directors.
  • To be sensitive to the needs of individual young people, taking account of race, culture, language and religion.
  • To act as an appropriate role model at all times.
  • To talk and listen to children and to observe their behaviour and record significant features and to ensure that staff working on the unit do so also.
  • To actively contribute to care planning, participating in reviews and other meetings as required and to lead in the implementation of care plans of all young people.
  • To provide additional support and comfort to children under stress.
  • To control young people who need boundaries set to their behaviour and when necessary carry out restraints.
  • To provide for children’s physical needs as necessary i.e. cooking, washing, ironing, shopping, budgeting, or by enabling young people to carry out such tasks for themselves.
  • To be able to work closely with other agencies, care managers, Social Workers or Psychologists as required.
  • To develop appropriate relationships with family members as appropriate.
  • To adhere to the National Occupational Standards for Managers at all times.
  • To be part of the staff team, supporting colleagues and being prepared to receive support as necessary.
  • To participate in staff meetings as required.
  • To act flexibly, within reasonable boundaries, in order to ensure the necessary cover for a residential home.
  • To inform colleagues of relevant developments, for example, during handover.
  • To be part of the Duty Management and shift management planning process ensuring any concerns are passed on.
  • To ensure you are aware of all risk assessments appertaining to clients - and that your colleagues are also aware.
  • To work in a manner that reflects the principles of the Children Act and appropriate departmental policies and procedures.
  • To challenge inappropriate practices as appropriate.
  • To produce the paperwork necessary in order to comply with Ofsted requirements.
  • To ensure that all staff contribute and complete the practical activities required to maintain the unit
  • To report and manage health and safety issues that may arise.
  • To care for the fabric, equipment and grounds.
  • To ensure you are up-to-date with risk assessments relevant to your role.
  • Contribute to the day to day care of premises, vehicles, appliances and equipment.
  • Cash handling and budgeting will be involved.
  • The overall running and management of the unit is entirely the responsibility of the Unit Manager
  • To be able to manage staff and have background experience in this area.
  • To have good interpersonal and organisational skills.

Level 5 Management in Residential Childcare or equivalent qualification (or registered on one)

Please note, you will need to hold a full UK driving licence and be able to drive a manual car

Experience with working with children, ideally those with emotional and behavioural difficulties, in a residential setting

Experience of working in a managerial position in a residential setting or school environment

Knowledge of Ofsted requirements relating to Children’s Homes