Digital Marketing Optimization Consultant

£45,000- £58,000 plus an incredible package
17 Mar 2017
16 Apr 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Digital Marketing Optimization Consultant

Think you have the ability to create growth through digital marketing for some of the biggest companies in the world? You will be able to showcase your ability through a variety of projects, whilst giving yourself the opportunity to progress in a company that’s unlike any other.

You will provide end to end solutions for clients, whilst helping them understand how to understand customer segment through different markets and channels, using data and analytics. You’ll be designing and delivering highly pertinent experiences for customers with the latest technologies. Reducing complexity and cost will be important.

The Responsibilities you will carry out will include:

  • Being at the forefront of client presentations and organising sessions that will document the next steps necessary
  • Executing optimization activities cross-functionally
  • Leading the definition of A/B testing, multivariate testing and seeking appropriate strategies in the planning stages of client projects
  • Informing clients about what is happening on a daily basis to be certain that the most effective delivery of processes, services and applications is being carried out
  • Developing hypothesis-focused approaches that will be created to ensure optimal performance of their digital experiences
  • Creating high quality digital experiences the whole way through a complete life cycle, from their beginning, through to their launch, and continued success
  • Partnering with the analytical lead and technical lead to carry out project tasks through chosen software whilst following a proven 4 phased process
  • Supporting activities related to current and new clients

Essential Criteria:

  • 3 years minimum of experience at, most preferably, a digital agency or internet marketing services firm
  • At least 3 years experience running web optimization programs that include strategy and execution (including implementation and AB and MVT testing)
  • Experience of working with web sites, display media, email, social media and paid and organic search
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Competency to work in a multi-functional team in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Able to manage timelines, communicate risk and potential problems, use PowerPoint, work on many projects and pay attention to detail
  • Get insight from analytics whilst possessing a formidable numeric background
  • Knowledge of database marketing concepts around segmentation and intended campaigns
  • Know-how of marketing best practices, innovations, web optimization and/or web analytics tools
  • Proven leadership in a professional setting, whilst translating requirements into creative and marketing strategies
  • Flexibility and ability to work well alongside a creative design team
  • Preferably accustomed with database marketing concepts around segmentation and targeted campaigns

This Digital Marketing Optimization Consultant is a role that will provide you with the career leverage you need. A position that is not only alluring, but it also comes with an outstanding pension scheme, private healthcare, childcare contribution, 28 days holiday per annum, gym membership and travel cover. The opportunity to receive comprehensive training, and hone in on your own specialisation will not be found elsewhere. Kindly contact Emma Millar on 020 7780 6706 or email

Reference: AMC*EMI/05101

Title: Digital Marketing Optimization Consultant

Type: Permanent

Start: Flexible

Duration: Permanent

Location: London

Salary: £45,000- £58,000 plus an incredible package

Contact: 020 7780 6706