Volunteer in the Philippines and join the Typhoon Haiyan Disaster relief

19 May 2014
19 Jun 2014
Disaster Relief
Contract Type
Full Time

Since the storm hit in November 2013, Kaya Responsible Travel staff on the ground have spent time assessing the situation and coordinating volunteer efforts, based on community needs. We are looking for volunteers that are specifically willing to help with the ongoing disaster relief operations and think they have what it takes to deal with potentially sensitive conditions. 

Volunteering in Tacloban, you will be part of a collaborative effort to both address immediate needs and building for the future.

Whilst staying with homestay families, giving locals an income and receiving a modest supply of food, volunteers must remain flexible, as requirements may change while you are on the ground and we need to respond appropriately. If you feel that you can embrace these conditions, then we need help in the following areas:

  • -       -Construction and clearance: Most buildings have been destroyed and our communities need help to build shelters and repair any salvageable structures. Following initial clearance, we will be looking at building safe structures that can act as community centres and provide evacuation in the next storm.
  • -       Medical assistance: providing support for the clinics and health centres that are still providing treatment to those injured.
  • -       Education: Schools in Tacloban are hoping to reopen as soon as possible, to not only take children off parents hands to allow them time for damage control, but to help educate children of the realities of the disaster and how they manage their emotions during this difficult time.

The need for volunteers is not only in the short term, but will continue for months to come and if you would like to join the team we will need to conduct a brief telephone interview to assess your suitability and skills.

We hope that you will join us to make a difference in Tacloban, at a time where they need help more than ever.

Register your interest using the email address provided and get more information on price and availability.