Flexi Forensic Medical Examiner (FME) - Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire - Cambridge

G4S Health
11 Apr 2018
18 Apr 2018
Contract Type
Full Time
Role Responsibility:
2 x Flexi Forensic Medical Examiner

The role is to cover all counties below:


Salary: £30.05 per hour

Various Shifts

Key Competencies

Flexible approach to work and Workload
Discretion, confidentiality and integrity
Delivering great customer service
Acting professionally
Supporting and working with others
Job Outline:

The FME must ensure that all police calls are attended promptly at any time of the day or night according to shift. It shall be the FME’s responsibility to make themselves available and able to attend to a call within the given time constraints.

For all examinations the FME must accurately document findings. If required the FME must produce these as a written report for the use of the courts or other agencies. Whenever called upon to do so by the Police, the FME must attend at any Court (remunerated by the CPS) for the purpose of giving evidence.

Duties Following Induction:

Assessment/Treatment of chronic and acute medical conditions and injuries including post-taser or PAVA, risk assessment
Determination of fitness to be detained/released/charged/transferred/interviewed in custody
Advise whether an independent person (Appropriate Adult) is required to ensure rights for the vulnerable or mentally disordered
Comprehensive examination to assess a person’s ability to drive a motor vehicle, in general medical terms and related to alcohol and drug misuse
Assessment of alcohol and drug intoxication and withdrawal and to retrieve blood samples under the Road Traffic Act / Blood samples from a patient in custody or hospital
Undertake intimate body searches for drugs in hospital
Documentation and interpretation of injuries
Assess and treat personnel injured while on duty e.g. Police personnel including needle stick injuries
Examine Victims and Assailants in alleged police assaults
Take forensic samples
Examination and forensic sampling of persons suspected of serious crime
Pronounce life extinct at scene of death and undertake preliminary advisory role
Undertake mental state examinations whether informal or under the Mental Health Act (if Section 12 Approved and dependent on county and contract terms)
Examine alleged child victims of neglect or physical or sexual abuse (sexual abuse only where trained to do so)
You may be required to carry out examinations suitable to your specific specialist skills
Provide telephone support and advice to healthcare professionals and or any representative of a police force during shift
Management of sexual offence victims or complainants (where trained to do so)

Documentation and interpretation of injuries
Take forensic samples
Examine adult complainants of serious sexual assault and the alleged perpetrators
Examine alleged child victims of neglect or physical or sexual abuse

To carry out examinations in accordance with G4S Medical Services guidelines
To work within the scope of your professional registration
All police calls should be attended without delay
Arrival times, assessment start and end time should be confirmed via the HCP line
The FME must always remain to be seen as impartial, independent and without bias
To be available for court attendance when requested
To submit statements within 7 days of the request
To treat the detained person as a patient and make clear that no evidence can be treated in ‘confidence’.
You must complete any form of documentation whether written or electronic as required from time to time by the Police or G4S Forensic and Medical Services
FME Duties

To work outside the scope of the National Health Service, in providing a service to police for G4S Health Support Services.
FME must be in the county of work at the start of shift and remain in the county until the end of shift unless otherwise directed by the Call Centre.

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