Elephant research project in Namibia

10 Feb 2014
10 Mar 2014
Job Level
Entry Level
Contract Type
Full Time

Tracking elephants in the African Bush, camping out by starlight with a warm fire, and working with villagers in Namibia; this is an opportunity not to be missed. Volunteers are needed to join the team of skilled conservation researchers and enthusiastic volunteers, as they take to the plains to gather and record information that will help to inform important bodies in Namibia that are taking action against the water war between elephants and villages, which often results in elephants being killed.

Limited rainfall and access to water is creating tension between rural communities and elephants. Thanks to elephant’s keen sense of smell, they are efficient at tracking down water, and often destroy villages in their pursuit. A law has been passed allowing villages to shoot elephants that are causing a nuisance to villages, which is resulting in unnecessary deaths and a better solution must be found. 

Villages need help creating sustainable water storage solutions and research is being done into elephant’s behaviour and movements, to enable communities and elephants to live side by side. This is the only project in the area providing regular data to the government.

Spend the first week building and developing innovative water storage solutions and in the second week, pack up the cars and head out to track elephants. You will learn navigation and tracking skills as well as key bush craft skills, an experience not to be missed. Your time not working will be spent around the camp with the team, helping out with dinner, sitting around the campfire and enjoying the tranquillity of the Bush.

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