Development Director

£60,000 + (negotiable on ability).
04 Oct 2013
04 Nov 2013
Contract Type
Full Time

The Pygmy Hippo Foundation (“PHF”) is a UK Registered Charity established to protect the endangered Pigmy Hippo species and its unique habitat in the rain forests of West Africa and in particular the Sapo National Park, (“SNP”) Liberia.

An Operations/ Development Conversation Director is to be appointed by PHF to:

  • ensure the landscapes, habitats and pygmy hippos are protected and enhanced via appropriate management and conservation;
  • promote public understanding and awareness of the natural environment and help to develop and implement appropriate policies to achieve these objectives.

Tasks required by this job include:

  • Promote and implement Liberian, local and national biodiversity action plans, particularly with regard to threatened species and habitats;
  • Carry out environmental impact assessments and field surveys;
  • Implement, evaluate and monitor schemes for the management and protection of the  Pygmy Hippos’ natural habitats;
  • Provide advice and information to Liberian Government at national and local levels, the Liberian Forestry Development Agency, clients, landowners, planners and developers to facilitate the protection of the natural environment;
  • Liaise with other conservation groups and government agencies in the selection and maintenance of Protected Areas, Ramsar sites, and sites of special scientific interest and National Parks (in particular SNP and buffer zones);
  • Maintain and develop knowledge in relevant policy areas within a Liberian national legislative context;
  • Promote conservation issues via educational talks, displays, workshops and literature and liaison with the media;
  • Prepare applications for funding to other organisations, and assessing applications for funding from other organisations;
  • Represent the Charity in consultation and negotiation with Liberian Government, international funding organisations, the World Bank, and NGOs and their employees and associated bodies to secure finance, recognition, publicity and acclaim;
  • Stimulate public interest by providing extensive publicity, lectures internationally and multi media interviews;
  • Co-ordinate fundraising activities for the PHF and associated causes;
  • Direct and prepare the preparation, publication and dissemination of reports and publicity pertaining to PHF, its objectives and work; and
  • Develop eco tourism at SNP in liaison with the Liberian Government, NGOs and local authorities.
  • Carry out research into aspects of the natural world.
  • Formulate for appraisal of PHF’s directors its policies and short, medium and long term objectives and direct them, ensuring their implementation, and report to the Board on a monthly basis of progress;

    Required Skills, qualifications and experience:

  • Graduate University degree level education.
  • Experience in conservation in West Africa.
  • Proven ability of working with Liberian Government at all levels.
  • Strong understanding of Liberian labour, tax and environmental law.
  • Prior experience of dealing with international financial institutions and developing Public Private Partnership models.
  • Be experienced in community relations and stakeholder engagement in rural Western African communities.
  • Have knowledge of tropical eco-tourism models.
  • Prior experience of organising large-scale fundraising activities.
  • Ability to spend periods of time in rural Liberia.


Our London W1 office at:

22 Mount Row

London W1K 3SF

Tel: +44 20 3416 3560



£60,000 + (negotiable on ability).

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