Production Technician

John Jones London
London (Greater)
01 Feb 2018
13 Mar 2018
Contract Type
Full Time


The job grading is in place across areas of production at the Welwyn Garden City and Finsbury Park facilities.

A review of the current job grading system has taken place taking into consideration the behaviours, attitudes and skills required to take the company on the next stage of its important development.

The grading structure is based on the skills and competencies required of a brand leading and innovative manufacturing company. John Jones are committed to the development of a sustainable business who continues to offer the highest quality protection and presentation solutions for its clients. The people are its biggest asset and delivering the best customer experience its mission. The market place has become increasingly competitive and for this reason the company need to embrace the lean thinking and best practices of the world class organisations.

The grading structure exists to support the business needs of John Jones as well as to support the personal development of all employees. There are four clearly defined grades covering a full range of skills, behaviours and competencies. As in the previous job grading the areas include operational effectiveness, health and safety, attitude and behaviour, customer service and leadership. The specific content has changed to represent the new level of attainment required.

The technician’s grades from Level 1 through to Level 4 represent the full range of competencies required for John Jones to be able to compete within our ever competitive and changing market place where value for money and high quality are expected. Each level has clearly defined criteria which reflect the requirements of the business going forwards and gives clarity to the expectations at each level. Please take time to read the description of the levels below before you apply for the level you feel most represents your current level or attainment. If in doubt please discuss with your line manager or HR department.

Performance reviews will be carried out as a minimum annually to support and assess progress using a combination of portfolio based evidence, observations and feedback. The job grading aims to recognise flexibility and responsibility levels as you develop and increased value to the team. To progress through the levels all the competencies from the previous levels must be achieved, sustained, signed off and be demonstrated consistently.


Typically a person joining the organisation will start at this Level. The first stages of your development will be learning the fundamental processes, procedures, lean tools and quality requirements of John Jones. You will be expected to demonstrate a flexibility approach to work at all times showing a positive approach to learning and continuous improvement. After 3 months you will be expected to work on your own initiative and meet output and efficiency targets set out by your line manager. You will ensure compliance to all standard operating procedures and Health and Safety at all times. As you progress through this level you will improve you efficiency and learning across a range of production based tasks and activities and consistently achieve the required output and quality requirements of the department.

As a Level 2 Technician you will be fully competent in a number of work centre activities and consistently demonstrate a high degree of flexibility to accommodate customer demand and internal efficiency. You will be consistently demonstrating a proactive and ‘can do’ attitude to your work and be actively involved in A3 problem solving, A4 improvements to reduce waste, 5s workplace organisation and driving quality improvements within the business. You will be fully aware of the costs of materials and the application of the 7 waste streams of manufacturing. You will be driving process improvement forwards within your area and demonstrate good decision making and problem solving skills always balancing the cost vs. impact. You will be competent in writing standard operating procedures and document control. Your verbal communication will be clear and encourage two way dialogue. Your written communication skills will be concise to enable accurate handover of information. You will be able to utilise the John Jones ERP system as a user and apply basic IT skills using Microsoft and alternative system software to support the business

As a Level 3 technician you will either have responsibility for an area or small team’s performance and be influencing, motivating and organising your immediate team to deliver or exceed the targets agreed. You will achieve all quality and efficiency targets and ensure procedures and best practice are recorded and reviewed through OEE, CCR or any other relevant business system. You will ensure appropriate and timely action is taken to review processes and procedures and change when appropriate. You will embrace the Health and Safety culture and utilise the management tools and best practice. You will set and role model the highest standards of quality and communicate with all support functions such as the lean department and purchasing to ensure materials and resources are used at their most efficient level. You will be a role model for the team, in terms of your attitude and behaviours and continually improve your process knowledge to ensure the best practice. You will effectively lead small improvement groups using outcome thinking and use of appropriate lean tools at an advanced and practical level such as set up reduction, 5 whys, A3 and presentation of information.

This Level 4 Technician is the highest grade of technician and as such demands the very best in influencing, outcome thinking, continuous learning and application of lean. At this level you will be fully managing the performance of staff across all areas of production and be accountable for achieving daily targets as well as appraisal and where appropriate disciplinary up to first written warning. You will demonstrate the ability to ‘step back’ and consider the wider implications of your decisions. You will be objective in your decision making and influence others in the organisation to deliver on the outcome. You will be expected to produce a monthly report base initially on the content contained within the “achieving the day to day” and later by the Kobioshi 20 keys workplace excellence programme. You will be the ambassador for driving a continuous improvement culture, ensuring a visually factory of excellence is always in place to provide the safest working environment and support of the brand. You will be able to identify and measure problems through the application of basic analytical and statistical tools and deliver appropriate team solutions with a high degree of leadership. You will be expected to work closely with the Production Manager, Lean Manager, and other senior management team to deliver a seamless end to end process.

- All Pay rates within production and agreed operational areas will be based on an hourly rate.
- The pay rates will be based on the pay rate scales attached.
- The pay rates will be externally benchmarked annually.
- Overtime will be paid at flat rate.


A flexible work force is critical to the future success of the John Jones business in a market place that has high degrees of fluctuation in demand. Following the consultation period your annual contracted hours will be agreed. This will take effect from1st January 2017.From the close of the consultation period up until the year end 2016 you will receive your newly agreed hourly rate based on your current employment contract.

A number of ‘contracted ’ hours per annum will be agreed with each employee based on the business requirements.
The number of actual hours may vary each week depending on customer demand by plus or minus 10% of the contracted hours.
The employee will be paid the same amount each month based on 12 equal payments.
Once the agreed total annual contracted hours have been worked any additional hours if required will be paid as overtime hours.
Unused contracted hours at the end of the 12 month period is at the cost of John Jones and not the employee.
The clocking system will be used to capture all hours worked. If there is a failure of the clocking system at any point manual forms may be used.
Only authorised hours will be eligible for pay.
We would look to give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice of shift patterns

There will initially be 3 choices contracted hours available based on;

40 hours per week or 2,080 per annum

35 hours per week or 1,820 per annum
32 hours per week or 1,280 per annum

- Core hours of work will fall between the hours of 6.00am and 10.00pm Monday to Friday.
- Weekend work may be required during busy periods.
- You must be at your place of work in time to allow for an effective shift - handover or ready to start work at you shift start time.


All breaks are unpaid.

Breaks for a standard 8 hour working day.

One 45 minute lunch break unpaid
One 15 minute tea break unpaid

Breaks for working days of less than 8 hours the following will apply

For 1 to 4 hours No break
Between 4 and 5 hours 20 minutes unpaid
Between 5 and 6 hours 30 minutes unpaid
7 hours and less than 8 hours 45 minutes unpaid

All breaks to be taken in agreement with line manager.
Smoking breaks are to be taken as part of the allocated break. Smoking is strictly confined to the allocated smoking shelters as all times as time allows to be agreed by Shift Manager.

- It is not permitted to work through breaks or bank break times to reduce the working day.
- Breaks will be managed to achieve maximum output and efficiency.

- Holiday will be requested through Clocking’s from January 2017.
- Holidays should not be booked until confirmation through The Clocking System is granted.
- There may be periods of the year when holiday may not be permitted.
- You may be required to use a number of your annual holidays up to a total of 4 days in the event of Christmas and New Year closure.

There are a total of 13 work centres within the production operation of John Jones. Through your journey with the business you will be expected to grow your skill set to become a mutli-skilled technician for production to offer the most fexibilty.The work centres you may work in include;

1. Metal Work
2. Finishing
3. Gilding
4. Special Finishes
5. Stain and Spray
6. Woodmill
7. Wood Processing
8. Artist Surfaces
9. Fitting
10. End of Line
11. Glazing
12. Artwork Presentation
13. Dry-Mounting
14 Driving

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