Hygiene Manager

Taiko Foofds
London (Central)
10 Feb 2018
15 Feb 2018
Contract Type
Full Time

Taiko Foods manufactures chilled short shelf life Sushi and Dim Sum that combines a variety of ingredients and raw materials both fully cooked and raw. This includes mixed protein ingredients of animal origin. The factory comprises areas designated Low Risk, High Care and High Risk. The finished product risk assessment is such that the Management of Hygiene is the most important pre-requisite activity within Taiko Foods. The suite of Hygiene Programmes must be maintained and managed in such a way to ensure the safety of the product and the due diligence of the company.

The Hygiene Manager will have a significant tactical and strategic role in ensuring the Hygiene Programmes meet this expectation. He will be responsible for Hygiene Programmes that satisfy all legal norms and all food safety criteria. In addition he will be responsible for ensuring the Hygiene Constant is maintained and that the window in which cleaning takes place is adequate and appropriate. In this respect the Hygiene Manager must be able to communicate and negotiate with production management and other members of the Senior Management Team. He or she will have experience, skill, competency and significant knowledge of Hygiene Programmes appropriate to High Risk Chilled manufacture

The Hygiene Manager reports to the Technical Manager and may be required to deputise for the Technical Manager when he/she is absent. As such the Hygiene Manager must be familiar with all aspects of the site operation. The Hygiene Manager is a member of the senior technical resource for Taiko Foods Ltd. As such he or she may be required to routinely deputise for each other and provide leadership and management of the entire Technical Team and participate in the wider management of the site.

Principal Responsibilities:

The principle responsibilities for the Hygiene Manager are as follows. This list is not mutually exclusive and additional responsibilities may be required to meet the strategic objectives of the business:

  1. Responsible for managing and co-ordinating the Hygiene Team made up of Supervisors, Team Leaders and Hygiene Operators. In this respect the Hygiene Manager must provide leadership and direction to recruit, train and organise staff as appropriate to meet the requirements of the business.

  2. Responsible for the skill, expertise and experience of the Hygiene Team. In this respect he is responsible for creating a programme of training and development for all operators; to optimise the skills within the team; audit the work of individual operators ; undertake performance reviews and appraisals; manage individual operator behaviour to be aligned at all times with the rules and expectation of the business. Correct underperformance by individuals as required

  3. Responsible for Management of Team rotas, holiday absence, general and unauthorised absence to ensure cover is maintained for all business critical activities

  4. Has significant budget responsibility, and responsibility for the management of company assets.

  5. Direct responsibility for Laundry procurement, Waste Management, procurement of Hygiene Consumables and procurement and management of Chemicals. In this respect the Hygiene Manager will have responsibility for negotiating contracts on behalf of the company

  6. May have responsibility for other Service Suppliers [Pest Control, Water Control, Drainage] as required and as directed by the Technical Manager

  7. Responsible for ensuring cleaning is completed according to written procedures and to an agreed schedule.

  8. Responsible for ensuring a contemporaneous traceable record of all cleaning activities is created; the record is signed off complete and correct; is archived in such a way that it can be retrieved for purpose of investigation and audit

  9. Will facilitate a programme of Internal Audits to verify and confirm the suitability, acceptability and the performance of all Hygiene Programmes in line with the requirements of the BRC Standard. This may include the use of classic swabbing techniques and the use of ATP. Non -compliance will require root cause analysis to be completed and appropriate corrective action

  10. Responsible for the creation, management and maintenance of all QMS documents relating to Hygiene, CIC, Method statements, Procedures etc.

  11. Responsible for completing risk assessments in respect of chemical usage, methods of work, use of equipment and any linked training. In this respect documentation and records linked to the H+S of the Hygiene team must be maintained and archived in a way which allows rapid recovery

  12. The Hygiene Manager will be required to participate in Systems Audits to challenge the performance of individual departments when measured against the BRC Standard

  13. Will support customer and supplier visits to site as required. In this respect the Hygiene Manager will work cooperatively with the Technical Manager

  14. Responsible for ensuring agreed corrective actions linked to non-compliance in any and all of the above key responsibilities is completed and verified as satisfactory

  15. Responsible for the monitoring of all related KPI and the provision of regular trend analysis as an indicator of performance

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