Software Developer: Creative Problem-Solver in Code - London - £50-85k + Bonus

James Chase Solutions
09 Feb 2017
09 Mar 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Software Developer: Creative Problem-Solver in Code - London - £50-85k + Bonus

This is a job ad for a large company in London which is hiring a new team of software developers.

Typical job ads are kind of tedious, so rather than write one of those, instead we’d like to show you a letter from the company’s Chief Technology Craftsman. Take it away, Steve...

Can your boss build an app?

Hi, I hope this note finds you well, and the unconventional way of getting in touch doesn’t get in the way too much.

I’m putting together a new team in London, working at a company that works in business intelligence (helping people in companies figure out what’s going on in the world) and also events (1000s of people coming together to learn and make connections and celebrate). Technically speaking, it’s everything from phone apps to back-end systems, data visualisation to image recognition, databases to distributed systems. Business areas include retail, creativity (yep, that’s a business area), fintech, fashion, property.

We want to create an environment of modern digital thinking and a hands-on approach to technology. You can tell a lot about how seriously a company takes technology by asking "who is the most senior person in the company who can build an app?" So often, talented software people are stifled by reporting to managers who, on some level, simply don't understand what the job involves — because they have not experienced it.

I’m hoping you’d be interested in working with people who "get it", and to know that your way of working and thinking is respected within the organisation. Maybe you’ve already found this and you’re totally satisfied where you are? In which case, sorry for taking your time, and I hope to see you at the next conference or meetup.

Taking inspiration from the Infrastructure as Code movement, pioneered by Google, LinkedIn, Netflix, and others, and proper "let’s talk to customers then build something for them" agile, we’re building a team of creative problem-finders and collaborative problem-solvers, a team working across a variety of different products, with a mandate to ask insightful questions (even when it’s not easy to hear!), automate everything that can conceivably be automated, and be constantly learning and sharing new skills and approaches.

Here’s a list of technology we like. Consider it a search for a Shibboleth: with any luck, you’ll see something here that tells you we’re for real.

• Ruby (we like — teaching is a great way to learn)

• Elixir / Phoenix, Node.js, Python

• Docker, Terraform

• Kafka

• neo4j, Postgresql, MS SQL Server

• Some bits of AWS — SQS, SNS, S3, DynamoDB, EC2, ECS

• React / Flux / React native

(did you spot the odd one out? we have a bunch of legacy systems, but fortunately we’re in the process of making them better)

And while the tech is important, how we work is equally significant. We take a stand for having a supportive and collaborative environment where everyone can be constantly improving our abilities, and we can get things done without undue bureaucracy.

• Whiteboards / postits rather than Jira or workflow tools

• Whiteboards / postits rather than heavy requirements documents

• Human collaboration (i.e. talking to each other) over processing service desk tickets

• 31" 4K monitors and macbooks as standard

• Pair programming (often but not as religion)

• Automated testing (religiously, unless there’s a good reason not to)

• Refactoring (because if not, you’re always working on a legacy system)

• Mob programming (actually, didn’t try it yet, but I want to)

• Continuous integration / continuous deployment

• Environments on demand

• Code dojos

• Github / / Codeship

Hopefully this has given you a reasonable sense of what we’re doing, and how we’re going about it. If you think this might be for you, and you’d like to go into more detail, please get in touch.

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