Java Developer - Java, TDD, Agile

Covent Garden
12 Jan 2018
10 Feb 2018
Contract Type
Full Time

Java Developer - Java, TDD, Agile

Bit bored aren't you? You want to alter the direction of your career. You know the product inside out now, what value can you keep adding? You want change and you want it more often.

On paper your role is great, you work for a fantastic company who are well respected and the product is cutting-edge. Paper isn't the real world though, you want more excitement, you want to speak with the client and map out plans with them, take pride in the work you've done and develop softer skills that can take your career on to a new level.

Word class developers are hard to come by so any company that hires them in large numbers would appeal, there must be a reason they're coming here right? It can't just be coincidence, this company must have a something about that makes it better than just good. You want to learn and who better to learn from than the best? Your development can be rapid.

A company that really wants you to improve and doesn't just say it but dedicates an entire programme to it would be amazing. An experienced mentor and a training budget you're free to use on what you want, think about it now, what would you use it for?

You have a high test coverage and follow agile principles the proper way. You take a test first approach to TDD, use Java 8, Microservices and Spring but have interest in other tech, Front-end is intriguing and you wouldn't be against learning more JavaScript.

Worth exploring? Let's have a chat, No CV is necessary at this stage


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