NET Developer (MVC) Bolton Tell us what hours youd like to work

Hilton Lord
10 Jan 2018
09 Feb 2018
Contract Type
Full Time

What we do isn’t particularly sexy – we aren’t creating the next big Social or VR thing – but it isn’t dull either. There’s plenty of variety. We keep on top of new technologies and you’ll be involved in full-stack development across a range of projects, with lots of support, as necessary, from our IT Director.

Perhaps more importantly, we’re thoroughly nice folk! We don’t go out for crazy drinks every Friday, but we’re generally nice to be around. We’re a small team – the development team is literally 3 people, so you’ll be an important part of that team, providing input and having your ideas listened to. We’re successful too – we generate the money needed to look after, and retain, a small team of good people.

We’re also nice and flexible – it’s all about getting the right person, so if you need something that allows you to work 4 days per week, instead of 5, because of a side-project, we’ll talk to you about that. If you need to be involved in a school-run, we’ll talk to you about working around that. If you need to work from home one day per week… etc, etc…

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So, if you’re a reasonably experienced developer, looking for some flexibility and a nice relaxed environment, and you live relatively close to Bolton, please give us a nudge.

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