Deployment Analyst

Gi Group
11 Jan 2018
09 Feb 2018
Contract Type
Full Time

Environment Manager - 6 months
Location: Northampton

Build / Config Manager role - Responsibilities

Delivery Pipeline Management

* Maintain a map of the delivery pipeline
* What version of what product is deployed in what environment - through PIT, SIT, IFT, Group test etc.
* Maintains the deployment pipeline map
* Owns the end to end environment across each product / client / phase
* Gateway for deployment / releases
* Defines what versions need to be deployed to meet a specific client / test request
* Transition governance into the test environment - ensuring QA activities are completed.

Ensures sign-off for new deployments

* Ensures any supported deployment payload is available.
* Correct treatment of configuration and reference data for the type of deployment (hot fix, maint release, new deployment)
* Tracks new environment creations and fitness for starting Test
* Ensures that initial configuration settings correct, and accountable for config validation
* Ensures that configuration is not over-written, or is automatically applied for system, application and business


* Owns the realisation of the branching strategy for new releases / major builds to support multiple-version testing
* Ensures that code changes are implemented correctly to meet test needs (hot fix deployment, full update)
* Maintains mapping of code versions as they are promoted through environments

Dependency mapping

* Maintains dependencies between products and the alignment of versions
* Maintains dependencies between technologies within a product, and the alignment of build versions.

Note : there should be some future consideration of how this role plays into the production environments.