HAPS Systems Engineer - UAV

Ceema Technology Ltd
10 Jan 2018
11 Feb 2018
Contract Type
Full Time
Our world leading aerospace/aviation client is looking for a Systems Engineer with experience within satellite engineering or UAV.
Our client is manufacturing solar powered high-altitude pseudo-satellite which in effect is a UAV.
If you have this type of background then please apply.

General Information
Our Client has a solar-powered high-altitude pseudo-satellite (HAPS), designed to complement the advantages of both satellites and classic unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Flying in the stratosphere at an altitude of around 65.000 ft, HAPS offer a high, inherently stable vantage point unaffected by air traffic and weather and thus enable numerous unique remote-sensing or communication services. Combining long endurance and local footprint, HAPS quite literally fill the gap between satellites and today's UAVs. By day Zephyr flies on solar power generated by paper-thin solar cells covering its 23-metre wingspan which drive its two small propellers and charge up lithium-sulphur batteries which power the craft during the night-time.

Zephyr is the state-of-the-art technology demonstrator of our clients' programme. It holds three official world records including the longest endurance of any unmanned aircraft.

Description of the Job
At the leading edge of technology and constantly looking for improvements and new developments to enhance the HAPS capability. Our client are looking for a Power Cell Integration & Test Engineer with interest and experience in power technology to work in the HAPS team. The individual will be responsible for determining power cell capability, power management and production of power packs for HAPS aircraft.

Tasks and Accountabilities
Outline Job Profile
*Working with system engineering team relating to thermal, mechanical, and electrical interfaces
*Analyse power pack data as related to cell usage, performance, and life
*Working with suppliers to analyse cell performance, life, and degradation investigations and testing
*Develop test methods and conduct cell and power pack characterisation testing; analyse test data and provide engineering recommendations to Systems team
*Develop calibrations for cell-related power controls; support development of power management systems
*Support cell related deliverables for next generation batteries.
*Work with cell suppliers to develop quality documents for to enable scaled production of power packs.
*Support cell supplier validation items, contribute to communications with cell suppliers (develop and coordinate test plans, review test data, evaluate design changes)

*Accountable to the Head of Engineering

Qualifications / Experience
*B.S. in Engineering (with power experience)
Some direct experience with analysing/evaluating designs and data.
*Experience with data analysis software (MATLAB, Excel)
Knowledge of power test equipment (cyclers, thermal chambers)
Self-motivated, willing to take on challenges with good written & verbal communication skills, team-oriented.