Steiner Waldorf Class Teacher

£18,000-£20,000 per annum with £500 annual increments to a current maximum of £21,000
03 Dec 2017
08 Dec 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Lower School Class teacher

School Vision

The vision of Norwich Steiner School is to provide a Steiner-Waldorf curriculum for pupils from age 3- 19 years of age, with pupils being able to leave the school as balanced, well-rounded and mature young adults, able to pursue their own futures and destinies with confidence and self-belief.


Norwich Steiner School is a young school. It has grown from just three pupils in 2005, to over 100 pupils covering an age range of 3-19 years old in 2017. The school follows the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum throughout the whole school and in all lessons, and is successfully offering the New Zealand based Level 3 qualification ‘the New Zealand Certificate of Steiner Education (NZCSE), formerly called the Steiner School Certificate (SSC) to pupils age 16 and above. Whilst the school is now well established, it retains a strong sense of being a ‘pioneer’ and the atmosphere is open and friendly.

About the post

A two-year combined class system is in operation and from September 2018, the school has a vacancy for a teacher to take a new Class 1, which in September 2019 will combine to form a class 1/2. It is expected that the class teacher will stay with this group of children until the end of class 4/5, but there will be a separate decision making process during the class 4/5 academic year as to whether or not the post holder will continue as class teacher to the end of class 7/8 with this class. This is due to the school recognising that an applicant who is suitable to take a lower school class may not necessarily have or be able to develop the skills appropriate for the holistic education of middle school pupils.

Class teachers are usually appointed on a full-time basis and as well as teaching the daily main lesson to their own class children, also teach subject lessons to other classes, depending on their interest and skills.

As the Norwich Steiner School is still a young and developing school, this job description may be subject to amendment to take account of changing circumstances as the school evolves and grows, but such amendments will only be made in liaison with the teaching and Personnel teams.

Main duties of the Class Teacher

  1. Teaching of the daily main lesson during mornings, plus appropriate subject lessons. All teaching to be according to the principles of education laid down by Rudolf Steiner (as outlined in the book: ‘The Educational Tasks and Content of the Waldorf Curriculum’).
  2. Ensure year and term/block plans are produced and available at the school at all times, and that daily lesson plans (or copies) are filed at the school at regular intervals.
  3. Offer a regular space within the timetable that may be scheduled in, for informal (but pre-booked) meetings with parents.
  4. Attendance at weekly staff meetings, held outside of school operating hours, to discuss pedagogical and other matters relevant to the school.
  5. Hold regular parent’s meetings once per term, including at least once a year (or more frequently if necessary) a session of one-to-one meetings. Encourage the involvement of subject teachers for the class in the group parent meetings.
  6. Be involved in interviewing new parents and children for your class, in accordance with the School's admissions procedure, along with the SENCO and actively seeking feedback from subject teachers before progressing to a formal offer of a place. The admissions process is shared amongst the teaching and administrative team and the decision to take a child should be a joint one.
  7. Keep appropriate records, maintain the pupil files up to date and record and file all conversations with parents, Educational Psychologists etc.
  8. Produce individual school reports for parents in good time and in accordance with agreed deadlines.
  9. Participation at pre-planned public and open events promoting the school and Steiner education. Attendance at School Open days is obligatory; attendance at other events, such as Morning in the Classroom, may be organized in rotation with other staff.
  10. Be a good advocate of Norwich Steiner School at all times in your professional capacity as a member of staff.
  11. Maintain the ambience of the class and its physical surroundings suitable to the tasks to be undertaken.
  12. Ensure that appropriate study materials are available in good time and that homework, when given, is marked and timely feedback provided to parents.
  13. Communicate clearly and in good time any reasonable requirements for support required (Finance, administration, teaching etc) to the teaching team, management team or the school administrator.
  14. Participation in workshops and/or training relevant to the running of the school.
  15. Participation in training/workshops relevant to professional development.
  16. Familiarisation with and implementation of all school policies. As necessary and appropriate, participation in re-writing or amending the existing policies as the school grows and evolves.
  17. Participation in the appraisal of own work performance and assist in the appraisal of colleagues. Work with mentors as provided or organised by the school, on pedagogical matters (all matters relating to the children for which there is a policy, including classroom management, curriculum delivery and curriculum development).
  18. Shared responsibility for supervision of all pupils during playtime.
  19. Cover for absent colleagues as required.

Terms & Conditions

The starting pay for this post depends upon training and experience of the chosen candidate. The salary will fall in the range £18-£20,000 per annum (paid monthly in arrears), with a £500 annual increment each year, up to a current maximum of £21,000.

The post is full-time and attendance at school is based on 5 days per week from 8.30am to 4.00pm, of which around 20 hours will be spent teaching. There will be additional attendance required on a regular basis for communication, parent meetings, child interviews, school festivals, co-mentoring, administration and planning. Class teachers are expected to arrive at school by 8.30am in order to receive school children from 8.45am, with school starting promptly at 9am. School currently finishes at 3.30pm. In general, class teachers are expected to work at the school premises between 8.30am until 4pm during term time or until there are no pupils left uncollected at school.

There will be additional attendance required on a regular basis for colleague meetings, parent meetings, child interviews, school festivals, planning etc.

There are currently no free places for staff children within the School or kindergarten, although staff experiencing financial hardship may apply for a reduced fee via our concessionary fee process.

Statutory sick pay allowances apply.

We offer a basic stakeholders pension scheme for which you may become eligible to join during your employment.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the school is able to provide practical support to candidates who are not trained, applicants must be aware that they will need to fund the cost of attending an approved Steiner Teacher training course themselves; this is not something the school can provide.


An approved Steiner Waldorf Teaching Qualification or a commitment to attend and complete a training course whilst in post; and

A good standard of education, including clear evidence of competency in numeracy and literacy

And ideally at least one of the following:

  • Proven successful teaching experience
  • A State Teaching qualification


  • Genuine commitment to anthroposophy and Steiner education
  • Good advocacy skills
  • Open and proactively communicative towards parents
  • Able to work collegially with other staff
  • A genuine wish to work with children from all backgrounds and abilities
  • Flexible and positive towards the challenges that face a school in a pioneering situation
  • Able to work as part of a small team, with parents and other teaching colleagues
  • Skills which will enable all subjects to be presented creatively
  • Good administrative ability and competence/willingness to use word processor and email to aid communication.
  • Able to cope with pressure, but also able to ask for help if pressure feels too great
  • Self-motivated and imaginative
  • Well organised and responsible
  • Warmth and sense of humour


  • Competence in languages other than English
  • Handwork ability
  • Practical skills – handwork, woodwork, metalwork
  • First Aid, Child Protection, Food safety, disability or SEN training