Nursery Nurse

360 UK Resourcing
London (East)
£15,000 - £19,999
30 Nov 2017
13 Jan 2018
Contract Type
Full Time

Job Description:

Under the direction of the management team, to undertake the care and supervision of children attending the nursery.

Main Responsibilities:

  • To be responsible for coordinating the needs of individual children as a key worker.
  • To provide a stimulating and caring environment for children aged 3mths to 5 yrs.
  • To positively promote and adhere nursery policies and procedures and codes of practice.
  • To contribute to the successfully smooth running of the rooms.

Description of activities:

  • To be responsible for safe and appropriate use of equipment associated with activities undertaken.
  • Assist in ensuring the maintenance of furniture, furnishings equipment.
  • As a key worker, to be responsible for coordinating a child and their carer’s individual needs.
  • Responsible for monitoring the children’s development records, profiles, observations, settling dairy and they allocated their own thing (spare clothes peg, peg, placemat etc).
  • Keep accurate and factual records for children.
  • Can write coherent, concise reports.
  • Liaise with other professionals in providing specialised programmes of care to meet the individual needs of the child.
  • Use an imaginative approach to provide an environment to stimulate growth in physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social development.
  • Create a stimulating, caring, supporting environment both individually and in-group situations.
  • Promote anti-discriminatory practice as an integral part of your working environment.
  • Can challenge discriminatory verbal remarks and behaviour.
  • Encourage carer’s participation within the nursery and offer support and advice.
  • Provide appropriate activities for children at a level and by a method appropriate to their age and requirements.
  • Be familiar with the procedure of fire drills and to be responsible for the safety of the children.
  • Carry out planning activities to contribute to the overall curriculum of the nursery.
  • Be responsible for establishing and maintaining a learning environment in which children’s all round development fostered and in which they can make progress.
  • Create appropriate professional relationships with carers and other professionals.
  • Seek to establish and maintain relationships within the local community.
  • Participate in training when considered appropriate by managers.
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings as required.
  • Work sensitively within the staff team, respecting differing views and individual working practice.
  • Work as part of a team in what is, at times, a stressful setting.
  • Participate in individual personal supervision.
  • Successfully completing records on children and about the nursery.
  • Ensuring your routines are followed and that you can be flexible when needed.
  • To ensure effective communication between you and your team.
  • Maintain high standards of professionalism always.
  • To uphold your role as a key worker and the duties which you must follow as part of this role.

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